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Diego Petersen: Of shots and shots in the foot

It didn’t take long for the opposition alliance to sing “there’s a shot” when they were already shooting themselves in the foot. The PRI leader’s proposal, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas “Alito”, to arm the civilian population so that it can defend itself against criminals was a bucket of fresh water in …

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Carlos Loret de Mola: The 40 hours of recordings

Judging by how the audios are heard where he speaks with rude self-confidence, the national leader of the PRI had his phone tapped and they put a microphone in his office. In the government they say that they have 40 hours of conversations with Alejandro “Alito” Moreno Cárdenas and as …

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PRI expels Claudia Pavlovich after agreeing to be consul

Digital Millennium and Edgar Ledesma Mexico City / 22.06.2022 20:59:00 The State Steering Committee of the Institutional Revolutionary Party of Sonora reported that Claudia Pavlovich lost her militancy as a PRI member a few months after agreeing to be consul from Mexico in Barcelona. The argument to cancel the militancy …

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