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Lancia presents a concept car without wheels or windows

The Lancia Pu+Ra Zero concept, without wheels or windows, or anything else you expect in a carImage: Lancia Lancia’s only car on sale today, the third-generation Ypsilon subcompact hatchback, has been around since 2011. sells surprisingly well in his native Italy, the only country in which the brand operates, but …

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A cat parasite changes the way wolves act

The toxoplasma gondii it is a really successful parasite. Its natural host is cats, but it is capable of being transmitted through contaminated water or meat and bodily fluids to infect a long list of warm-blooded animals including rats, monkeys, humans, and wolves. A new study has looked at the …

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send messages to yourself

Image: BigTunaOnline (Shutterstock) Talking to yourself can be quite useful, especially if we do it within an instant messaging app. And from now on WhatsApp will allow just this, having a chat with yourself, and it is much more useful than you might think. Imagine this “chat with yourself” as …

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