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How to get natural collagen with alum stone and yogurt?

Surely you have heard of collagen and its benefits to prevent aginghowever, you should know that after age 30 collagen production decreases, causing the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. Fortunately, there is a way to get natural collagen and it is through the alum stone and yogurt. These two …

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What is the best mobile?

We talk about the two most premium smartphones on the market and this means that, a priori, there should not be much difference in terms of overall performance. So we are going to go part by part to see exactly which one wins in each facet and becomes the king …

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Nursing guides: Medicine and Nursing disagree

Ministry of Health and collegiate organizations have begun to ‘cook’ the Ostomy and Women’s Health Nursing Guides. This Wednesday was the first meeting of the representatives of the General Nursing Council (CGE) and of the Medical Collegiate Organization (OMC) after confirming the latter’s lawsuit against the diabetes and burn protocols …

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