Google Photos is updated with 2 important news

Google Photos It is the most used service to save photos in the cloud. Is one of the best google services and today we can talk about its recent update. Two important novelties arrive in the app after a while without receiving too many details. All users who use it …

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The X-15 flew faster and higher than any other aircraft.

Before the Mercury astronauts went into orbit with the Redstones, before the Gemini astronauts rendezvoused and docked, and before the Apollo astronauts roamed the lunar surface, the aerospace community was wrestling with one more question. basic: What agency would take Americans into space, and how would they get there? The …

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WhatsApp Fouad v9.40: download and news

We already have available whatsapp fouad v9.40 downloadan update that adds quite a few new features to the alternative messaging application, both self-developed and from the official app. We have presented WhatsApp Fouad, also called FMWhatsApp in reference to the FouadMods group that develops the project. It is what is …

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