Order your cosmetics successfully thanks to Marie Kondo

marie condo is cataloged as the queen of order and with the necessary power to achieve it anywhere, starting from reaching the organization using simple and practical techniques that also enjoy being intelligent and efficient. Always acting under the standard of attract joy and get the order, so the redesign …

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The new version of Windows 11 makes it worth upgrading

Image: microsoft I’ve held on for about a year, but the Windows 11 2022 Update could be the thing that finally makes me ditch Windows 10. Microsoft has announced all the new features coming to the next version of Windows 11, including UI improvements. There are also new accessibility features …

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Two new iPad 2022 models are leaked

Photo: Nebo logitech crayons It is a stylus that the Swiss company manufactures for the iPad. ANDThere is a list of Apple tablets compatible with the product on the product’s web page. Well, two new iPad models have recently appeared. The details is that they have not yet been officially …

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