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While in San Luis it is said that next week it will be announced that Ronaldinho will be integrated as part of the Second Division team that Raúl Arias will lead, in Brazil people close to the figure’s environment say they have no news about it and assure that Ronaldinho is in the willingness to travel to any city in the world to make a presentation, sign autographs or to be appointed sports ambassador or honorary director of any club, but all this has a price since it is what Ronaldinho currently does and According to what the client wants is the amount that the Brazilian charges.


The signing of Bravos de Juárez with Fox Sports will generate some adjustments in the calendar, since the border team will seek to move some games to Saturday or Sunday. Necaxa will be exclusive to the VIX platform, while Chivas, Atlas and Santos will share their rights between Izzi, Azteca Deportes and Televisa and each of them will have between 4 and 5 matches on open television. The novelty for the tournament that started yesterday is that there will be some matches that do not have television and that can only be seen through streaming.


Having finished in 18th position last tournament in the percentage table, Bravos de Juárez starts the tournament with a zero percentage, while Querétaro is in 17th place with 66 points and Xolos is 16th with 67, while Necaxa, which is the 15th began with 78. It must be remembered that the last one has a fine of 80 million pesos, the penultimate of 47 and the third to last of 33 million pesos. The previous tournament, Bravos, Xolos and Toluca were in charge of paying the penalties.


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Diego Cocca, guilty of the withdrawal of Fernando Ortiz as a player Sat, 02 Jul 2022 14:03:04 +0000

Fate has those unimaginable scenarios, which in football, as in life, usually have a touch of revenge. Thus, the one that Fernando Ortiz will have tonight in the Aztec stadium.

The ‘Tano’, Technical Director of America, will meet again eight years later with Diego Cocathat Argentine strategist who retired it early in 2014.

Ortiz was in Avellaneda Racing, ready to play one more year before retiring; however, the goodbye came early.

The two-time champion coach with Atlas arrived at the team of Avellaneda in 2014 and One of his first actions was to exclude the then central defender, his compatriot, from The Academy.

Víctor Blanco, president of Racing, had already agreed on the continuity of Ferdinand Ortiz, but nothing could do; ‘Tano’ received no explanation and the farewell was inevitable.

YOU CAN SEE: Sports experts see America as the main candidate for the title

“Diego (Cocca) never approached me to tell me that he didn’t take me into account. I would never do that as a coach, I like to show my face ”, declared years later journalist Juan Gorrochategui.

Today, Coca lives in a fairy tale, while Ortiz faces the biggest challenge of his career as a manager.

It’s been a long time, but fate did its thing again and tonight they will meet again at the Colossus of Santa Ursula.

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Checo Pérez finishes second in the last practice session for the British GP Sat, 02 Jul 2022 13:52:11 +0000

Checo Pérez achieved a good result in the last practice session ahead of qualifying for the British GP

The Mexican pilot Czech Perezfinished in the second position the third free practice for the British Grand Prix10th date of the F1 world championship.

Czech Perez fell behind his teammate, Max Verstappen and both Red Bull They close strong for the qualifying session, at nine o’clock in the morning in central Mexico.

the dutch Max Verstappenleader of the championship of pilots of Formula 1was the fastest in the fight for pole position at Silverstone, the track on which the first F1 race was held in 1950.

In his best lap, Verstappen covered the 5,891 meters of the legendary English track, with soft tires, in one minute, 27 seconds and 901 thousandths, 410 less than Czech Perez -second in the world championship, 46 points behind his teammate- and with 447 over Monegasque Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), third in the competition, 49 points behind the Dutchman.

Conditions were dry, although there was a medium chance for rain. The weather systems do not estimate chances of rain for the afternoon in the English countryside, however, it will be very windy, and on a circuit as fast as Silverstone, that is always to be considered.

The Mercedes finished four and five, with George Russell in fourth. But very close was the experienced and multiple winner of this Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton. It was a pleasant surprise, especially for the British fans, to see both local drivers so competitive, although it would be a great surprise if you managed to snatch pole from ferrari either Red Bullclear favourites.

Czech Perez He only has one pole position this year, he got it in Jeddah. Max Verstappen will start as the favorite to take pole followed by the Monegasque, charles leclercwho has six of nine this season.

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Campaign begins for Chivas to snatch America’s national team Sat, 02 Jul 2022 08:51:47 +0000

The serious injury to José Juan Macías paved the way for El Rebaño to take away a Mexican player from América.

America intends to do business with Chivas for mutual benefit.
© picture 7America intends to do business with Chivas for mutual benefit.

The Opening Tournament 2022 is about to start and America They say they are ready to kick off against Atlas next Saturday. Meanwhile, the rest of the teams refine the final details for Day 1, but in Chivas received bad news that in Coapa they seek to take advantage of.

Prior to his confrontation against Juárez, el Rebaño announced that José Juan Macías presented a discomfort in his right knee which turned out to be a cruciate ligament fracture. This will leave the Mexican striker out for the remainder of 2022, which means that the rojiblancos lose a fundamental element in attack.

Faced with this situation, fans of America took advantage of this sensitive loss to recommend Chivas sign Henry Martinwho is no longer to the liking of a large sector of Americanism.

America must take advantage of the need and urgency of Chivas for a “9” and grapple Henry Martín at the price of crack“; “Chivas was left without a striker once again, JJ Macías injured for the rest of 2022… there is Henry Martín in case you are interested“; “It’s time to scam
@Chivas pocketing Henry Martín for 10 million

Regarding the subject Ricardo Peláez, president of the Sacred Flock, completely ruled out that they are going to sign someone to replace Macías, since they trust the elements that Ricardo Cadena has available on his campus. With this, a small chance of letting Martín out of the nest vanishes quickly.

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Mexico and the shame of being left without the Olympic Games and the U-20 World Cup for being arrogant Sat, 02 Jul 2022 08:40:09 +0000

Mexico was eliminated by Guatemala in the Concacaf Under-20 Tournament Quarterfinals.  (ORLANDO SIERRA/AFP via Getty Images)

Mexico was eliminated by Guatemala in the Concacaf Under-20 Tournament Quarterfinals. (ORLANDO SIERRA/AFP via Getty Images)

Mexico still hadn’t finished dreaming of the bronze medal at Tokyo 2020 when a bucket of cold water shook the team that has always called itself the “Concacaf Giant”. Guatemala, a country historically distant from the big events, eliminated El Tri from the U-20 Tournament in the area and took away two tickets for international tournaments in a penalty shootout that was as gloomy as it was revealing. Luis Pérez’s team missed four shots from eleven paces to repeat the most disastrous nights in the history of national football.

Out of nowhere, in a tournament that had to be a mere formality, Mexico was left without the U-20 World Cup and, even more painfully, without the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. Given the tight schedules, Concacaf decided to bundle the right to attend both fairs in this kind of World Cup played in Honduras, the same land where Hugo Sánchez and company lost the ticket to go to the World Cup in Spain 1982. As in that fateful Carson Pre-Olympic in 2008, the Aztec team was unable to overcome the rivals in the area that always look over their shoulders. The humiliation, in this case, was doubly so, because the terror of the Tri sub-20 dragged the sub-23 into the abyss, which has lost the right to defend the podium without even setting foot on the pitch.

In a football accustomed to mediocrity, such as the Mexican, it was always said that at least in teams with an age limit there was a reserve of pride that shielded the players from the vices that they acquired once they reached full professionalism. Today that has been shown as a lie. Neither in the major nor in the minor teams does Mexico find a way to comply with the minimum that can be asked of it: beat teams that excel in quality, infrastructure and resources.

In 24 years (2000-2024), Mexico will not have gone to a total of three Olympic Games. The soccer team failed in Sydney 2000, Beijing 2008 and, now, Paris 2024, an appointment to which it would presumably attend with one of the brightest generations at the youth level in recent times. Marcelo Flores, David Ochoa, Víctor Guzmán, Alberto Alcántara, Julián Araujo, Santiago Muñoz, Jordán Carrillo, Sebastián Pérez Bouquet. A whole litter of young footballers wasted.

If there has been so much talk about Marcelo Flores in recent months, and it has even been vehemently demanded that he be included in the list of those selected for Qatar 2022, now the heartbreak of knowing that he will not be able to play the Olympic tournament has opened a wound that will take a long time to heal and that will cut the process of a collective base that could well reach the 2026 World Cup with enough international filming.

As usually happens in every great failure of Mexican soccer, the federations announce “deep analysis” that will forever change the destiny of the country. It seems that it is necessary to hit rock bottom in order to take the necessary actions to have competitive football. During these years they have gloated in the supposed commercial success of decisions that nobody understood: the disappearance of promotions and relegations, sale of franchises, insolvency to prevent and deal with violence in stadiums. Now they want to fix everything in the blink of an eye.

El Tri will not be able to defend the Tokyo 2020 bronze. (Leon Neal/Getty Images)

El Tri will not be able to defend the Tokyo 2020 bronze. (Leon Neal/Getty Images)

You can also talk about the brutal number of foreigners allowed per team (10 registered and 8 on the field for the next tournament), but —without forgetting that this factor influences— it is also true that Mexico lacks a sophisticated structure in the Basic Forces, which is where future talents are truly forged. If so much money is spent on recycled coaches, reinforcements of dubious quality, and stadiums that at the end of the day do not even serve to guarantee the well-being of their assistants, why not direct money to the preparation of young coaches who, in various periods, aspire to revolutionize player training in Mexico?

Talent has never been scarce in a country of 120 million inhabitants that is clearly a football fan. But the whole structure, full of bad decisions and convincing management, is what allows even apparently brilliant players to end up turning off and starring in historic failures. That is our reality. A reality that does not change even when it hits rock bottom.


Imposing “colossi of the seas” invade Veracruz

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Another signing in Cruz Azul that depends on Boca Juniors Sat, 02 Jul 2022 08:28:42 +0000

Cruz Azul does not lose hope by signing Bruno Méndez, but once again it seems to depend on Boca Juniors to confirm a reinforcement.

Cruz Azul maintains negotiations for Bruno Méndez.
© @bruno.mendezzCruz Azul maintains negotiations for Bruno Méndez.

Cruz Azul does not lose hope by signing the Uruguayan center-back, Bruno Méndez, so even though the negotiations with Corinthians have been complicated by the high price that the Brazilian team put on his letter, the sky-blue board remains firm in the negotiations with the hope of being able to incorporate him into the team for the Opening 2022.

And it is that, according to sources close to the environment of the 22 year old soccer playerand after the Timao rejected his previous proposal by not approaching the intended amount to free your player, The Machine would have made a new offer to Timao improved the figure, but still below what Brazilians would ask for.

That is why then, the future of Bruno Méndez seems to depend on Boca Juniorsthe Argentine giant that has become the great ‘enemy’ of Cruz Azul in each pass market by various factors, although this time not to compete for the defender Card, but because the decision Corinthians of freeing his footballer points to the Copa Libertadores where his rival is the Xeneize.

According to information from the journalist Nahuel Ferreira, there would be more possibilities that the Timao gives way to the Uruguayan central defender in case it remains eliminated from the Conmebol tournament next Tuesday, July 5, when in front of Boca on the field of La Bombonera on the Round of 16 second legafter the first leg ended goalless in Brazil.

In this way, Cruz Azul will have to wait for the response of the Brazilian team at least until next week, once I know their destiny in the Copa Libertadores. It should be noted that Bruno Mendez already agreed to come to La Noria and let his compatriot, coach Diego Aguirre, know of his interest. so it all depends on Corinthians and to accept the new sky blue offer.

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SUÁREZ, DEMBÉLÉ, DYBALA, MARCELO, POGBA AND MORE: The 20 best players who are currently free agents Sat, 02 Jul 2022 08:17:56 +0000

The month of July arrived. The contracts of several important soccer players around the world have officially ended. For that reason, here we bring you a list of the heaviest names that, right now, are in free agency.

Several of them already have their future well on their way. However, as they have not yet officially communicated their destination, they will also be included in this count. Be careful, there are several players of international stature and some legends.


  • Ousmane Dembele (France). The possibility of continuing at FC Barcelona is still open. Several clubs are pending his case, but everything seems to indicate that none is willing to meet their financial claims. We will see if it continues -or not- in the cast directed by Xavi.
  • Paul Pogba (France). His story with Manchester United came to an end. For several weeks he has been negotiating his return to Juventus. The world champion will experience a second stage with The Old Lady.
  • Paulo Dybala (Argentina). There was no renewal agreement with Juventus. Inter is emerging as their most likely option, although the negotiations have been complicated. His idea is to stay in Italian football, but some surprises should not be ruled out.
  • Luis Suarez (Uruguay). The gunman stopped counting for Atlético de Madrid. River Plate is insisting a lot for him. The point is that, with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar just around the corner, his priority is to stay in Europe. The physique is no longer the same as its prime time, but the instinct is never lost. Guaranteed goals.
  • Marcelo (Brazil). After becoming the greatest title winner in the entire history of Real Madrid, the iconic Brazilian winger will have to find accommodation elsewhere. He told TNT Sports that he more or less has his future figured out, but the details are not yet known. He wants to play 2 or 3 more years.
  • Edinson Cavani (Uruguay). Another Uruguayan striker who is on the market. The matador He has been sought after by clubs in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay, but would also like to extend his stay in Europe. Whoever signs him will be recruiting one of the best strikers of the time.
  • Isco (Spain). From the little he played in his last seasons at Real Madrid, it seems that he is already a veteran who is in the final stretch of his career. And no. He is barely 30 years old. It would not be unusual to see him in another club in the Spanish League.
  • Daniel Alves (Brazil). FC Barcelona decided not to extend its relationship with the most successful player of all time. He is 39 years old, but the physique and attitude of a youth. Like many of his colleagues, he wants to stay in high-level competition because his dream is to play the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with the Brazilian National Team.
  • Christian Eriksen (Denmark). After responding with Brentford and showing that the cardiac arrest he suffered does not prevent him from continuing in the elite, the 10 from Denmark was free to choose the next step in his professional career. He’s been playing for Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United for a while, huh.
  • Franck Kessié (Ivory Coast). The African midfielder said goodbye to AC Milan being very important for the Serie A title. Nothing has been made official yet regarding his new home, but it is an open secret that it will be FC Barcelona. One more variation for Xavi Hernández.
  • Andreas Christensen (Denmark). His case is like Kessié’s. The statement that makes his arrival at the Camp Nou official has not yet arrived, but he will reinforce Barça. Lenglet will leave, he will arrive. Direct competition for Ronald Araújo and Gerard Piqué.
  • Andrea Belotti (Italy). It is the perfect opportunity for the rooster looking for a new challenge in your professional career. AS Monaco, AS Roma and Sevilla are the clubs that seem to be in the fight for their services.
  • Axel Witsel (Belgium). Released from Borussia Dortmund. To details of being presented as an Atlético de Madrid player. The answer to the goodbye of Héctor Herrera, who left for the Houston Dynamo of the MLS.
  • Alessio Romagnoli (Italy). He had to live a very screwed up time at AC Milan and, after overcoming the turbulence, he will leave as the captain of a Scudetto champion team. At the top, a high-level central defender. He is ringing for Lazio and has also been linked with Premier League clubs.
  • Jesse Lingard (England). His scholarship at Manchester United ended. Despite his inconsistencies, he has already shown at West Ham that he has the quality to perform at a club with lower demands. He has a market in the Premier League and, in fact, The Hammers They would be fighting for his return.
  • Andre Onana (Cameroon). He was one of the young goalkeepers with the most projection. The issue of doping (he accidentally took medicine that included a prohibited substance) stopped him for almost 1 year. His landing at Inter is expected to be announced soon.
  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Armenia). After his time with AS Roma, the Armenian playmaker will join Simone Inzaghi’s project at Inter. But since there is no official announcement yet, he remains a free agent. His status, if nothing strange happens, will change soon.
  • Federico Bernardeschi (Italy). He never managed to explode at Juventus. And after performing below expectations, the Bianconero team did not want to renew it. He is only 28 years old. The normal thing would be to see it continue in Europe. Or maybe he catches the Italian taste for landing in exotic championships, like the MLS, for example.
  • Adnan Januzaj (Belgium). He did not prolong his link with Real Sociedad. Staying in La Liga or an adventure in Serie A are viable options. At 0 cost, it may be an interesting replacement for a club that aspires to fight for trophies.
  • Diego Costa (Spain). His cycle at Atlético Mineiro was fleeting. He has not officially played so far in 2022, but he is impatient to return to the fray. A return to Valladolid or a transfer to Las Palmas are being analyzed. Time will tell if the tour of Spain is completed.
  • Cesc Fabregas (Spain). The pylon for it to be a list of 21 items. Since mid-June, AS Monaco said goodbye to the world champion. A different player, but lately he has had physical problems. Be that as it may, you will not be short of offers. Perhaps he is the first of that historic 1987 generation to succumb to an offer from MLS, Qatar or Japan.

Any more names? Dries Mertens, Corentin Tolisso (will return to Lyon), Florian Grillitsch and Dan-Axel Zagadou.

Undefeated data. Ousmane Dembélé finished the 2021/22 Spanish League as the leader in assists (13). It could go at his best moment since he signed for FC Barcelona.

Did you know…? Paulo Dybala signed 115 goals, 46 assists and 12 titles in 292 games with Juventus in Turin. Historical.

Undefeated data. Ángel Di María is PSG’s top historical assistant. He put up 112 decisive passes in 295 games. Parisian legend.

Did you know…? With Luis Suárez as the team’s top scorer (21), Atlético de Madrid broke a 7-year drought without a league title. He fulfilled as rojiblanco.

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Dembélé becomes a free agent with everything open Sat, 02 Jul 2022 08:04:14 +0000

Barcelona, ​​​​which is looking for a winger at a time of economic emergencies, has not yet ruled out that the French international accepts the renewal offer

The French striker, Ousmane Dembélé, ceased to be a FC Barcelona player this Friday and officially became a free agent, which does not yet mean that his future is far from the Camp Nou, as his former team is one of the options he is considering for sign a new contract.

The sports management of the entity and the footballer have been negotiating the renewal of the contract that expired this Thursday for almost a year, when the club expected to receive a response from the striker’s agent, Moussa Sissokto the last offer presented.

At the moment there is no agreement between the parties and, despite the presumed offers that improved the proposal of the Barcathe reality is that, as of July 1, 2022, Dembélé is without a team.

Barça, who are looking for a winger at a time of economic urgency, still do not rule out that the French international accept the renewal offer, which is considerably lower compared to his previous contract.

However, the club does not contemplate improving the proposal, so now everything is in the hands of the player and, above all, his agent, who has asked for a hefty renewal premium in the negotiations.

the walk of Dembele At Barcelona he began on August 25, 2017, when at that time he became the most expensive signing in the club’s history.

Urged by the rush after the goodbye of Neymar to the Paris Saint-Germain and with the 222 million euros in their pocket after receiving the payment of the Brazilian clause, the board of directors of Joseph Maria Bartomeu paid to Borussia Dortmund 105 million euros plus another 40 in variables to get the services of the promising winger.

In the five seasons at Barça, Dembélé has suffered 13 injuries that have forced him to be out for almost 700 days and miss nearly 100 official matches. Or put another way: he has played 150 games in which he has scored 32 goals and has distributed 33 assists.

In the last season of his contract, Xavi Hernandez He emerged as one of Dembélé’s great defenders, who became the starter and finished the course completing a total of 13 assists, although he only celebrated two goals.

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Mohamed Salah renewed with the Reds for three more seasons Sat, 02 Jul 2022 07:53:18 +0000

The Liverpool made official this Friday the renewal of Mohammed Salah who will play in Jürgen Klopp’s squad for the next three seasons.

The Egyptian contract ended on June 30, 2023 and its renewal had stalled in recent months, because the English club did not meet the footballer’s financial demands.

Mohamed Salah in a Liverpool match

In the five campaigns that Salah has been in the Liverpoolhas conquered a Champions Leaguehas played two more finals, one premier leaguea European Super Cup, a Club World Cup, a League Cup and an FA Cup.

In addition, it has been the Golden Boot of the premier league on three occasions, breaking the record for goals in the competition in 2018, with 32 goals. In 254 matches with the LiverpoolSalah has scored 156 goals.

Mohamed Salah in a Liverpool match

“I feel good and I am very excited to win trophies with the club. It is a very happy day for everyone. It has taken a while to renew, but we have done it, so now we just have to focus on the next thing,” he said. Salah.

“I think we are in a good moment to fight for everything. We have new signings and we just have to keep working hard, be positive and go for everything.”


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Sedofutbol Sub-20 advances to the final and will be in the Olympic Games for the first time in its history Sat, 02 Jul 2022 07:41:17 +0000

The Dominican U-20 Soccer Team defeated Guatemala on penalties after coming back from 0-2 during the regulation 90

The Dominican Republic continues to make soccer history and the most recent step was to get a ticket to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The Sedofutbol Sub-20 defeated their equals from Guatemala in a penalty shootout in a match that needed two extra times and a penalty shootout to decide.

Adhonys María scored the final goal in the penalty shootout that gave the Dominican victory after a sensational save by goalkeeper Omry Bello, who entered at half time.

Those led by Mariano Pérez Tejeda are now seeded in the final awaiting the winner between the United States and the hosts of Honduras.

Sedofutbol Sub-20 had to row against the current since Arquímides Ordoñez, attacking man from Guatemala, put a number on the board in the 23rd minute after a corner kick that was served from the right on the edge of the small area, where the attacker appeared to connect with a header and give Guatemala the advantage.

Six minutes later Sebastián Mañón ended up sending the ball into his own goal, increasing the difference.

The Dominican national team was able to discount at the end of the first half when, after a collective play, Edison Azcona from the edge of the area served through the air to Ángel Montes De Oca, who made a good breaking move to enter the area and head in, but his shot went over.

For the start of the second half, the Dominican Republic made four substitutions, including goalkeeper Omry Bello, in search of a reaction and it would reach 62′ through one of the newcomers, Guillermo De Peña, on second play after a shot from corner.

At 65′ Azcona drove diagonally from the left towards the center and on the edge of the area he managed to get a low shot that embedded itself in the base of the Guatemalan goalkeeper’s left post.

Sedofútbol continued to attack the goal of the Central American squad, however, they could not get the score that would give them the advantage and that way the 90′ ​​would run out, so the commitment merited being extended to extra time.

Players Thomas Jungbauer, Edison Azcona, Guillermo de Peña and Adhonys María scored for the Dominican Republic in the penalty shootout. On the second attempt from the Dominican Republic, Angel Montes de Oca sent the ball over the crossbar.

So far in the tournament in the U-20 category, Dominican soccer has obtained its passes to the Central American and Caribbean Games, the Pan American Games and for the first time in its history, it will participate in a World Cup organized by FIFA.

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