Gabby Taméz joined the complaints of alleged harassment against Platanito: “He is a disgusting person”

Gabby Taméz joined the complaints of harassment against Platanito Photo: Instagram/@gabbytamez/@platanitoshow In the first week of August Gaby Ramírez accused Sergio Verduzco, better known as plantainof having allegedly harassed her when she was invited to his program television, however, this has not been the only critical voice against the comedian, …

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Ezra Miller charged with a new very serious crime

It has happened again. Ezra Miller has messed it up again. The Flash actor has been accused again of having committed a crime of robbery. As reported exclusively by Variety, Ezra Millerthe protagonist of Flash, has been accused again of a serious crime of robbery. This has happened in Stamford …

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Who was Olivia Newton-John’s ex-boyfriend who would have faked his death and reappeared 11 years later in Mexico

Olivia Newton-John was in a relationship with photographer Patrick McDermott for nine years, until he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. In March 2016, Olivia Newton-John learned of a news that, in addition to being unexpected, was devastating: her ex-boyfriend, Patrick McDermott had not diedbut was hidden for 11 years. Patrick McDermott, …

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