Virgin River: Parting Photo Reveals Which Character Will Survive With Season 5

Virgin River is all set to return with a bang when Season 5 debuts on Netflix next year. Filming was recently completed, and as a way to say goodbye to the shoot, the cast members shared photos with some messages. The publication of one of them confirms that it will survive in the new episodes.

Virgin Riverthe hit romantic drama of the streaming platform Netflix which follows the complicated romantic relationship between Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), released the fourth installment last July leaving fans in suspense after the reveal of Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) on the twins that she carries in her womb.

Cast Says Goodbye to Virgin River Season 5 Set

The series will be back next year with new episodes of season 5. Filming started in early summer of this year and this week the cast confirmed that they have completed filming. And as a way of saying goodbye from the set of Virgin River, some of the cast members shared photos and emotional messages on their official accounts on the Instagram social network.

Some of the actors teased what fans of their characters should expect with Virgin River season 5. For his part, Mark Ghanimé, who plays dr. Cameron in the Netflix romantic drama said showrunner Patrick Sean Smith and the team have something special in store for the doctor, Ghanimé wrote in her Instagram caption.

“I can’t wait for all of you to see what the town [Virgin River] and the good doctor they have prepared for you!” And to get our imagination going, he pointed out: “Cameron seems happy here, right? Guess why?”

Mark Ghanimé also used stethoscope and hot pepper emojis to herald interesting storylines for Cameron both in and out of the office, adding that this season featured a couple of firsts for him as an actor. Meanwhile, with his message, another cast member confirmed that his character will survive with Virgin River season 5.

Annett OToole’s Farewell Photo And Message From Virgin River Set Reveals Hope Will Survive With Season 5

Is about Annette O’Toole, performer of Hope McCrea in Virgin River. The character was left suffering a nightmare as a result of the spectacular car accident in which she was involved at the end of season 3. With her message on Instagram, the actress seems to be confirming that she will be fine throughout the fifth installment of the Netflix drama, despite fans’ fears about her delicate situation.

“Today was my last day of shooting Virgin River Season 5. It’s been an amazing time,” O’Toole wrote, also taking advantage of her post to show off the scarf she made for her makeup artist as a going away gift.

About Mel and Jack, fans know that Breckenridge’s character is expecting a baby from Jack. The upcoming season is also set to explore the nurse’s past, while about Jack, the drama will finally reveal what her reaction will be after Charmaine tells her that he is not the father of the twins.

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