“Ushi has already become famous”

After being criticized for traveling with the nanny to Qatar, Sandra de la Vega, influencer and Andres Guardado’s wife responded through his account Instagram.

In his stories, he shared a couple of videos assuring that he took criticism with positivity and ironically showing “how sad” “Ushi” is, as he calls his children’s nanny, while they are in Qatar for the soccer world cup.

“’Ushi’, you’re really sad, aren’t you?” Sandra De La Vega asks the nanny, who replies: “Yes, of course, I’m really sad, right Cata, we’re really sad? If my cousin already sent it to me too, cousin you are famous”.

wife-andres-guardado-polemica-ninera.jpg Photo: Capture Instagram Stories.

The influencer added: “At least the ‘Ushi’ has already become famous.”

In a couple of videos that she recorded from the hotel where she is staying, the influencer thanked the messages she has received from her followers.

“Listen, I really thank you very much for all the super nice messages that you are sending me. I’m trying to answer them… almost as many as I can. Don’t worry, I’m super good, ‘Ushi’ is super good, ”he explained in another of his stories.

And he added that as with everything, there are people who wrote it in a good way and other people who took it badly: “Like everything in life, we really know what we are doing, what we are not doing. We have nothing that we can regret, thank God, ”he is heard saying in the video.

“We love ‘Ushi’ a lot, she is part of our family, I always say that she is the angel of my house,” she added before sharing photos of her children Maximiliano and Catalina playing with the babysitter.

sandra-de-la-vega-3.jpg Photo: Capture from Instagram.

Is it the first time that Andrés Guardado’s wife travels with the nanny?

In the Instagram profile of the influencer Sandra De La Vega, it can be seen that it is not the first time that ‘Ushi’ travels with the family of Andrés Guardado.

In different publications he is seen posing with the footballer, the influencer and their children: Maximiliano and Cata.

She even appears in the Christmas photo in front of the decorated pine tree, as well as in a post from the couple’s children’s second day of school.

While in other publications he is seen in the stadiums with the footballer’s family and traveling with them in a private jet.

ushi-sandra-de-la-vega.jpg Photo: Instagram capture.

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