Universities of Well-being start with health careers

With registrations from January 2 to 6 and start of lessons on February 2, the lessons in the Wellness Universities Benito Juárez with the races of medicine, obstetrics and nursing in the municipalities of Coatzintla, Tlacojalpan, Perote, Coscomatepec, Zongolica, Tierra Blanca, Ixhuatlán del Café, Coyutla and Olutla, indicated the delegate of the Welfare Secretariat in Veracruz, Manuel Huerta Ladrón de Guevara.

The official stressed that the schools are fundamentally the teachers and the students, for this reason in these careers classes will start on the aforementioned date and the municipality that applied for the property helps them by providing a place for them to drink lessons in which the building is built.

In the case of zongolicaindicated that the property will be in the community of zomajapaand young people who want to pursue this career must be attentive to the dissemination process that the city council will carry out together with the servants of the nation and the registration and admission of those who will be the teachers is made.

“Once the teachers and students are there, the Administration and Comptrollership committees are created so that through them the resources are managed and they take charge of the construction of the building, which was done at the time in Atlahuilco, where A university that is very successful in the region, a school in education and the Nahuatl language, already works,” he said.

Huerta Ladrón de Guevara He recalled that these committees are made up of teachers, parents, students, the federal government and local governments and it has been seen that it is a good formula for better project management.

stressed that you are new careers that are launched are part of the project that exists for free doctors and medicines in the country and given the lack of professionals in this area, it was decided to concentrate efforts on offering these study options.

It should be mentioned that in the case of Ixhuatlan of Coffeethe race will be obstetrics Y Nursing.

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