This is Tom Cruise’s categorical phrase about his daughter Suri Cruise, after years of ignoring her

Hollywood has some iconic names that will never be forgotten, we can mention James Dean or Marlon Brando for example, closer in time there are surely some names that have been made with the key to the Olympus of the actors; without a doubt Tom Cruise is one of them. With successes like the “Mission Impossible” saga or the recent “Top Gun: Maverick” he realizes that he is more current than ever. Unfortunately, in his personal life things are not so ideal, especially when it comes to talking about his ex-wife. Katie Holmes and the youngest of his children, Suri Cruise.

personal life of Tom Cruise He has always aroused enormous interest, in large part because he is very reserved, in another because he belongs to the Church of Scientology -cult for others questioned-, and also in large part due to a strange period of crazy statements and actions that fortunately have been left behind. . Suri Cruise is the product of his love with the also actress Katie Holmes, however in his life Cruise He has been married three times.

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