They pay up to 550 dollars to whoever has this bill of 20 Mexican pesos

Commerce through digital media has been increasing since the arrival of the health crisis and through platforms such as Free market either ebay we can find all kinds of objects, from items for the home, clothing, accessories, works of art or collector’s tickets.

Within this last category of objects with a high value there are people with a significant interest in acquiring coins and paper money, they may look for them with the aim of remembering a special date or event in their lives, however, there are others who like to do this practice and gather the largest pieces possible exclusive category, this type of collecting is called numismatic.

The banknotes have attracted attention within the platforms digital to acquire objects because there are people who want to keep these copies because they remind them of a special date, this is especially possible thanks to the numbering that the paper money includes as a folio number or serial number.

A Mexican banknote that is sold in dollars

Now a copy has attracted attention because the paper money trade is not only presented within our country, but also does so internationalTherefore, a copy with a value of Mexican pesos is sold at a much higher value and it is presented in dollars.

It is a 20-peso model that is sold for up to 550 on the Mercado Libre digital commerce page. Dollarswhich in Mexican pesos gives a worth approximately 10 thousand 662 pesos with 52 cents within our exchange rate, a highly interesting sum for whoever has a copy like this, the only thing you should check is that the bill has a serial number that begins with the letters “AD” .

It should be remembered that the new 20-peso bill is currently one of the favorite pieces of the Mexican population, which is why this model has recently been increasingly sought after by lovers of numismatics. It is worth noting that the new banknote is part of the G family and was launched by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) in mid-2021.



They give 300,000 pesos for this commemorative 20-peso bill and with this letter

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