The luxurious school that Meghan Markle was able to go to thanks to her father

Though Meghan Markle and his dad are not currently speaking, despite attempts to Thomas for getting close to his daughter, it was thanks to his support that she Duchess of Sussex he was able to access a privileged education in the United States with a value of more than 17 thousand pounds sterling, which ensured him a successful future.

The luxurious education that Meghan Markle had thanks to her father

After what Meghan Markle spoke on his podcast this week about his recent visit to his old school, ‘The Sun’ published an article giving various details of the prestigious school.

Showing that the elegant school of Meghan, the Immaculate Heart School, it’s not far from where she currently lives with Harry, in Montecito. California. And that it is undoubtedly a school worthy of royalty, since it has its own swimming pool, equipped gym and curricular activities, which Markle enjoyed during her childhood.

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meghan markle school
Meghan Markle School. Photo: IMMACULATE HEART

How did Thomas Markle pay for Meghan’s school?

However, it was thanks to Thomas Markle earned nearly £560,000 in the California lottery, that he was able to pay the Meghan’s fancy school, because he shelled out £17,000 to cover the full fee.

Thomas is said to have hit the jackpot with five numbers, which included the date of birth of Meghanand decided to invest a part of the money in his daughter as a reward for having given him luck.

Meghan Markle and her dad
Meghan Markle and her dad. Photo: Instagram

The bad relationship between Meghan and her paternal family

However, despite the fact that during his childhood and adolescence Meghan Markle She remained close to her father, in the last decade, things have changed, because at 41 years old, the Duchess of Sussex broke off all kinds of communication with him, without revealing the details of her estrangement.

And the duchess’s half-siblings haven’t made things any easier for each other either. her dad and Meghan, since she married Harry have benefited financially from their relationship with the Duchess of Sussex and the Princejust for criticizing them on television.

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