The first free platform that makes mental health and well-being issues available to everyone

Press play on well-being to obtain a menu-catalogue of sections where the user can choose topics related to their interests to cultivate their well-being and happiness

Last October, Tecmilenio’s Instituto de Ciencias del Bienestar Integral celebrated the 10th edition of Wellbeing 360, an international forum that provides tools related to well-being, hand in hand with world-class experts, to promote a positive emotional state. .

One of these tools -which the Institute offers free of charge- is The first Mexican wellness platform, aimed at the Hispanic community, accessible everywhere in the world, with science-based wellness educational content.

The platform offers its users more than 40 contents that concentrate the presentations of the last ten years of Wellbeing, including the 2022 edition. It will also host videos on demand and live broadcasts of the events organized by the Institute.

“Our objective with this platform is to make available topics related to our current context in order to raise awareness among people to create healthy habits,” says Rosalinda Ballesteros, director of Tecmilenio’s Institute of Integral Well-being Sciences. It has a wide selection of contents classified by thematic axes, such as: Well-being Cities, Positive Education, Life with Purpose, Positive Families and Positive Organizations; and sections like “Lo Más Visto”, “Lo Más Nueva”, and “Voces de Wellbeing”, all in Spanish.

“Let’s imagine this concept of watching movies and series by free subscription, but now transferred to the world of well-being and happiness. We created a menu-catalogue of sections where the user can choose topics related to their interests; all in one place, such as play well-being”, points out Ballesteros.

Well-being contemplates mental and emotional health, and is closely linked to quality of life, it is even mentioned that it is an integral concept. “We are very excited to announce this launch and to be the first platform specialized in these topics”, concludes Rosalinda.

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