The best exercises to mix with the jump rope

There is no doubt that jump the rope – even though it sounds too simple – it is one of the best exercises you can do, regardless of whether you are new to exercising or already experienced in Gym. The exercise is one of the most complete since it works muscles of the whole body, it is considered of cardioso it helps to lose weight, and helps to considerably increase the resistance.

With that base we can create a good routine and the best thing is that you don’t need equipment, but your own body to continue working, and take even more benefits of jumping rope. So if you get used to it, be sure to integrate a few sets of these other exercises that go together perfectly.


The squats is the obvious companion to jump rope, and while many believe it only works the legs, it also engages the arms and core, making it a valuable exercise in strength training. cardio that can help us work the muscles in those areas.

However, if you want a little more action or something similar to jump rope, you can integrate jump squats, which will keep you in that rhythm of movement as well as have a bigger impact on the body.


Other exercise basic that can ideally accompany the jump ropeand that will also help us to work the whole body, in addition to helping to improve the position. You know the move: hands on the floor, arms slightly open parallel to the shoulders, toes on the floor, creating a straight line with the body.

This exercise can also be important if you want to focus on your upper body if you’re concerned that you’re only working your legs.

Burpees can be good options.

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An exercise that can also help you maintain the rhythm of the jump rope, and which is considered one of the best for working the entire body, in addition to helping you learn to control your breathing.

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