Provocative photos of Taehyung and Jungkook that rumors of their relationship grow

BTS is the group of kpop that has the music industry paralyzed, they carry 2 consecutive years being the most successful musical act Worldwide. The seven members spend a lot of time together, and according to fans, this has caused the two youngest members of the group to develop an emotional attachment beyond friendship.

The fans of the group, or armyas they call themselves, have noticed that jungkookof 25 yearsY taehyungof 26they are quite affectionate with each other and when they are around they have attitudes of “partner” when they are close to each other.

Very recently, taehyung He uploaded to his Instagram a photo in which apparently I was without clothes, but by adjusting the brightness of the phone it is possible to perceive that he has pants on. The photo has a black and white filter. This was on November 19th, and now, a fan Photoshopped a photo in a shower he took from the internet, and edited the face of jungkook over someone else’s body. Here we leave you the two photos.

Jungkook’s photoshop, no credits
V of BTS through Instagram

Due to this, many fans linked the two photos, both shirtless, in black and white, and blurred, they assumed that it was more proof of the relationship of the two singers, even so, the rumor was quickly denied because the photo of jungkook is actually a photoshop. But there are still many other moments in which Jungkook and Taehyung seem like a couple, and that have not been denied.

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