Pemex begins basification of transients

One.- transient workers that are more than 20 years old this Tuesday began to sign their bases in human resources in Ciudad del Carmen, Coatzacoalcos and other cities where Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), has its work centers.

In an interview one of the workers benefited from PEMEX, whose name we omitted for fear of having problems with the company, he said. “I am very excited and happy because I signed the plant; I could not believe when I received the notification to move to Human Resources, I have been working as a temporary worker for 25 years. PEMEX and this Tuesday my dream finally came true. More than 20 colleagues signed the final document, the process was quick, it was ready in 20 minutes and it went directly with the worker. Some of us went to sign in Atasta, hospitals, surveillance, in different Work Centers, for now I am already inside and they gave me my base on the platform. I’m working here, I’m done rolling all over the place,” said a worker.

Some transitory workers of section 11 also began to sign their plant in the work centers. They confirm that their union dues discounts will remain the same and it only changed that all the procedures for the basification, loans among other benefits are directly with PEMEX in Human Resources. They will not have the Union of Oil Workers of the Mexican Republic as an intermediary (STPRM). ´ATTEND‘ is the application where you can request any procedure.

Attention Octavio Romero Oropeza, director of Petróleos Mexicanos, the workers Cadereyta transients report that union officials are making a killing with Human Resources from PEMEX and they are the ones who manage who signs and who stays, just like the Chinese milando. They also mention that other services such as loans and others offered directly by the PEMEX for ´ASSIST´ they are very slow and that the process lasts up to a year for them to release the resources, when they promised that the process would take at least three months.

Diego Vielma, audios and the one behind the resignation of officials

Two.- Diego Alberto Velazquez Vielmacomfortable nephew of Carmen Hortensia del Río Carrizosa, it can be seen that he was the one who orchestrated and who ordered how to write through audio the official resignation of the 32 Section 11 officials, all apparently in collusion with the aunt and all for put pressure on Ramón Hernández Toledo, so that he would send retirees to the old guard of section 11 officials.

Vielma’s 3 audios are transcribed below:

“Demir, good evening, look, you have to, I don’t know if I’ll tell you about Montaño. This, this, just this, tomorrow before 8:30 in the morning, 9 at the latest, in the general secretary, print out the threat, the threat that they also made to you and you are going to make a letter addressed to Mr Ramon as general secretary and everything and you are going to tell him that by this means eeee I allow myself to inform you, I allow myself to send you my resignation, as a union official eeee, in the Clause 65 commission and in the interim appointment of the position of head of area in the Cangrejera Petrochemical Complex, this, the above because like some other colleagues I have been a victim, or I have been a victim or yes, or some other synonym that you find for aggressions, no, do not put aggressions, falsehoods, falsehoods and anonymous threats, which are attached and even how I put it, in media such as social networks and also journalistic notes “.

“Put it denigrating my work and my, my work, my significance, denigrating my work significance, or my work history as a plant worker for my many years of seniority and as a union official in which I proudly belong to the majority group October 24 of the H.Section 11 in which you gave me the opportunity, sir, to participate, ee, due to the above and due to constant anonymous attacks, ee no, without, in which my staff is put at risk and for which false accusations have been raised against me; I lost my word, I’m not focused right now, because I refer to the evidence that unscrupulous people have anonymously taken and who want, through different means or in different ways, to harm the work of a team of officials that you have formed, so a young team that you have formed, a young team that you have formed and directed and that these colleagues only seek to harm the work activities of us as union officials, eee, for the above, this is the reason that I send you my union resignation and remaining at your disposal for any call for clarification of this note; and you are going to send it to them, I already told Montaño, Zaleta, Montalvo and Coyoagua, and today we made it a government body and the man (Ramón Hernández Toledo) stayed at his desk but told us not to He is going to accept that we have to continue that action is being taken on the matter, because we already told him who are the people who are doing that and he already accepted and he felt pressured because we told him, tell Roberto to do it too and tomorrow Take yours and Roberto’s to the window of the general secretary and ask them to deliver it to Don Ramón when he arrives and leaves”. Words of the comfortable nephew of Carmen Hortensia del Rio Carrizosa, Diego Alberto Velázquez Vielma.

The pressure that the so-called youth group wanted to put section 11 officers Ramón Hernández Toledo was exposed and despite the fact that they assure that Don Ramón would not accept his resignations, they received a great surprise and the 32 officials have more than resigned and some have retired.

Ricardo Aldana arrived at Section 11

Three.- Ricardo Aldana Prieto, was last Tuesday at Section 11 of Nanchital, where he met with Ramón Hernández Toledo and they checked all the trouble and revolts brought by the group of 32 self-appointed “Youth” officials who presented their resignation letter.

The 32 officials to whom Diego Alberto Velázquez Vielma, assured them in audio that they would not accept Don Ramón’s resignation, it turns out that they always gave them air because they were caught in the rope of the four armed. They thought that Ramón Hernández Toledo, due to his advanced age and his memory problem, could involve him with his intrigues loaded with falsehood, perhaps if they don’t get abused the old officials will give them horse. luckily for them Ricardo Aldana he reached section 11 and received his trade with pleasure. Goodbye Nicanor.

All the group officials called ´Jóvenes´ are sorry for having followed the game of the ´Dama de las Fichas and Diego Vielma and assure that they do not want to leave and that in reality they were pressured from the offices to resign. With grief my kids are well locked.

Ricardo Aldana, at the 11 meeting, was accompanied by Fernando Navarrete Gomez, president of the Surveillance Committee and the treasurer Sergio López Salinas, among other officials. The game of thrones of the union of section 11 was soon stopped and Ramón Hernández Toledo had no choice but to deliver the head of the ‘Lady of the Chips’. This story will continue…


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