Japanese fans show that América is the most popular Mexican club in their country

Thursday, November 24, 2022

The America club It has been considered one of the teams that is the most popular at the national level, but not only that, but the times in which it has been measured in international tournaments is also recognized. Its history, some players or simply the titles it has managed to win over the years have made it the best-known team.

Proof of this are the times in which the team has played in USA and a large number of fans show up at the stadium to witness their duels. But this time the borders were already crossed and they reached Asia, because TUDN carried out a survey prior to the start of Germany vs Japan in the World Cup.

america most popular

The question was that the Japanese mentioned a club from the MX League they knew, so most of them named the Eagles as the greatest exponent of Mexican soccer in other countries. In the first instance, it is surprising that it is, because teams like Chivas or Cruz Azul were not considered.

The best came when one of the Japanese fans had no idea of ​​a team in our league, so a compatriot of his appeared to shout the name of Guillermo OchoaAlthough it is not a team, it does speak of the importance of the cream-blue goalkeeper at an international level with his popularity and more after saving a penalty in Qatar 2022.

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