In this way and with this food Thalia betrayed her strict diet

Thalía betrayed her diet to enjoy a great taste, worthy of American culinary culture, which surely will not cause any side effects, since she always maintains a healthy and balanced diet that helps her stay in shape

Goodbye to the diet and healthy meals, this is what he shouted Thalia in her dressing room at the Latin Grammys when ordering her food after the show, which left many pleasantly surprised to see that the actress does not hold back from eating what she wants at any time, not even when she is most tired.

Thalia She was one of the presenters of the 23rd edition of the Latin Grammys, and to carry out this activity she changed her outfit eight times, with all of them she looked as always: spectacular. Surely between the bustle of the day, and so that her dresses would look dreamy, the singer did not eat well before the show, so she got even at the end.

And it is that, without any regret, and rather with great pride Thalia He showed his more than 20 million followers how he was after the gala ended, and also the fast food he ordered, not healthy, but very emblematic of American culture, and also very delicious, since it was noted that it was enjoyed much this food.

It is about gigantic hamburgers with double meat, cheddar cheese, and vegetables accompanied by French fries. The order was very large, so it is believed that Thalia She shared this meal with part of her work team, since surely she cannot eat all this alone.

The singer shared some postcards of these meals on her social networks, in a post in which she wrote: “This is how we finished after this marathon, they already gave us 12 bells and the dresses disappeared as if by magic ‘puff’ already from I return home, and full of happiness that we achieved something fabulous for our beautiful audience”, she said. Thalia.

Capture of the Instagram post that Thalía published on her social network. Photo: Instagram

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