If ratification does not occur in Banxico, I return to academic life: Gerardo Esquivel

Gerardo Esquiveldeputy governor of Bank of Mexicomade it clear that if he is not ratified as deputy governor of Banxico for the president Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorI would return to academic life and his presence in the media.

In interview with Joaquin Lopez-Doriga for your space in Radio FormulaEsquivel Hernández assured that he does not see himself with a position in the Public administration in case of finishing your order in the Bank of Mexico.

“I still don’t know anything (about its ratification in Banxico). The president has not officially sent information in this regard and I am waiting for the decision, ”he said.

In the event that the president decides to ratify me, I express my willingness to continue at the bank, if the president decides otherwise, then I would rejoin academic life and my participation in the media and public opinion”, he stated.

Esquivel Hernández ends his term as deputy governor of the Bank of Mexico on December 31 of this year. He explained that he currently has offers from universities and think tanks.

That will be resolved in the next few days, it is the president’s prerogative to make that decision, it is his right,” he argued.

“If it is decided for another person here for the bank, I would return to my academic activities, to which I have dedicated my whole life, to my participation in the opinion media, in the debate of ideas, which is what I have also dedicated, to that I would see myself, I don’t see myself anywhere else, ”he said.

“I also have offers from universities and think tanks, but not necessarily in something related to the Public Administration. I am waiting if my ratification is proposed or not, if it does not happen, I return to academic life, ”he added.

After he was proposed to lead the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), election won by the Brazilian Ilan GoldfajnLópez Obrador himself opened the door so that Gerardo Esquivel does not continue as deputy governor of Banxico, although he does in the Federal Administration.

“We are seeing, we are going to apply for keep helping us. There are several options, alternatives and surely the Secretary of the Treasury will speak with him for that purpose”, he explained in the morning conference this week.

“We are going to explore other possibilities in the Government itself or in representations of Mexico abroad, but you have to talk to him,” he added.

Regarding the fact of not being elected as president of the IDB, Gerardo Esquivel does not see it as a failure, and stressed that he knew of the difficult circumstances of his candidacy.

“You have to understand the circumstances, it was a quick process for the removal of the previous president. Mexico had announced an original candidate, who was Alicia Barcena and that for personal reasons he withdrew from the race, and I entered in his place,” he argued.

“It was interesting that a Mexican would occupy the Presidency of the IDB for the second time. I knew about the difficult circumstances but there was an interesting opportunity, ”he explained.

Nor would I put it in terms of defeat and failure, it is a competitive process and there you win or lose. It is an open, competitive process, five candidates and someone had to be elected. The decision goes through a few actors with a lot of weight, ”he pointed out.

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