Former Yeezy Employees Complain That Kanye West Showed Them Intimate Photos And Videos

It’s been a while since Adidas cut ties with Kanye West, this in the midst of a wave of comments that in the public eye were considered hate speech. In the midst of all this, several former employees who worked for the Yeezy brand (the collaboration between the sportswear company and the artist), have revealed their experience working in that environment.

On November 22, Rolling Stone magazine released a new report where more former workers denounce Ye’s actions as a boss. And this time, the accusations even border on the topics of pornography and manipulation.

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Kanye West and the accusations about the use of intimate photos and videos recently revealed

The RS report comes from an open letter some former employees sent to the Adidas board. In it, they state that shoe company executives “turned off their moral compass” knowing the way in which Kanye West addressed a good part of the Yeezy collaborators.

Some of the statements in the report (which you can read in full HERE), say that the rapper told an employee: “I want you to make me a shoe that can fuck me”which was just one of the many sexualized expressions with which the businessman also made himself understood with his team.

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The RS article mentions that Kanye West used different intimidation techniques on Adidas and Yeezy staff, frequently targeting women. According to anonymous witnesses, West even used intimate photos and videos of Kim Kardashian and himself (being with other women) to show them to the employees. Or even with people who were interviewed for jobs.

“He, in years past, blew up on the women in the room with offensive comments, and used sexually disturbing references when providing design feedback“, says one of the copies of the letter to which the American edition of Rolling Stone had access.

The aforementioned outlet says they tried to get answers from the sportswear and footwear brand, but a spokesperson said that details of private conversations will not be discussed related to the breakdown of the relationship between Kanye and Adidas.

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What else is said in the letter?

The letter obtained by Rolling Stone is titled The Truth About Yeezy: A Call to Action for Adidas Leadership and mentions that the executives of the company, even in the vice-presidency ranks, expressed their “responsibility, lack of accountability and protection that Adidas failed to provide its employees during what we experienced as years of verbal argument, abuse, vulgar tirades and bullying attacks.”.

A former collaborator from Yeezy’s early days at Adidas, he mentions that he once visited the rapper’s house for a job meeting and when Ye asked to have his computer searched, what the former employee saw was hardcore pornography on the screen. Two other people claim that Kanye West showed them homemade sex videos of himself.

“I feel that [West mostrando pornografía] it was a tactic to bring a person down and establish their unwavering loyalty to him, testing and destroying people’s limits“, affirms another of the testimonies”read another anonymous statement.

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Another part of the letter talks about a job interview with a candidate who showed her portfolio to get a job as a Yeezy designer. According to this, Kanye West said in the middle of the interview: If you ever get stuck creatively, just watch porn for 10 minutes.…If you’re going to be a part of Yeezy, we say crazy here. You have to stick with it. We keep moving and we keep creating.

And just like those, you can read several more testimonies of a rather delicate nature about the sexualized vibe at Yeezy fostered by West and facilitated by the brand’s high-ranking executives (accused by former employees).

In some past statements, Kanye himself has spoken about his addiction to pornography. In 2019 during an interview with Zane Lowe, she mentioned that her taste for porn began when she was five years old and pointed to Playboy magazine as her means of entry into that world. Not long ago, in a social media post, he said that pornography had destroyed his family. At this time, there has been no response from West or any representative to the RS article.

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