Fernando Beltrán’s revelation about Paunovic’s football idea for Chivas

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The Guadalajara midfielder acknowledged that there are situations that are getting complicated for him, but he assures that everyone is with the same idea.


The new football system that Veljko Paunović is trying to implement in Chivas It is not easy to develop, so the players are working hard to assimilate it as soon as possible, although references such as Fernando Beltrán have recognized that in some periods of the preseason it is difficult to maintain the pace that the Serb wants.

The Baby He highlighted the physical work that the coaching staff is imposingsince they know that the wear and tear will be essential to overwhelm the rivals, a situation that is costing some players work, but they understand that it is necessary to be able to arrive prepared in the best way at the start of the Clausura 2023.

“The focus has been a lot on physical work, we have also done a little tactical, but I think that these two weeks are more based on the physical, on power, on strength, on competing on the field and winning in that aspect. , where you can crash and fight with the opponent. Personally, it has helped me a lot, yes, it is taking me a little bit to adaptbut in the end I have been in that perseverance where I want to be improving day by day”, explained the midfielder to Chivas TV.

The also captain of the Flock highlighted that everyone on campus must be at their highest level so that they work properly in all lines, which is why he revealed that all the players are committed to reaching their best version for the well-being of the entire squad.

“The team looks very good, we are very focused on this change in the game system, on this change of chip with completely different roles and I think that each one is taking that role that is needed. Each one, in his position, he must give the best version so that one can be well on the field and so that the team can win. If from now on we start with this aspect, where we have to be in the best version, we will be able to help the team a lot”, he concluded.

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