Electoral Reform will not be able for now: AMLO; Plan B goes for cuts to INE

The federal president said that the opposition deceived by wanting to destroy the INE, which he described as “a lie” of great proportions.

Mexico City, November 24 (However).- The President of Mexico acknowledged this Thursday that the Electoral Reform cannot be carried out, however, he reiterated that he will present a Law “that without infringing the Constitution” allows to achieve savings so that it is not so expensive to organize the elections and that the vote buying.

“It’s great that it will no longer be possible, for now, to carry out the constitutional reform, but a legal reform will be presented,” said the federal president during his morning press conference held at the National Palace.

Yesterday, the United Commissions of the Interior, Constitutional Points and Electoral Political Reform of the Chamber of Deputies presented the opinion of the Electoral Reform promoted by President López Obrador, however, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) announced that he will not support the initiative.

The decision of the party led by Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas is a more complicated scenario for Morena, since it requires two thirds of the votes, with which it does not have everything and its allies, to approve the constitutional reform.

“The decision has already been made, they do not want to approve the reform. What do they not want? I am going to repeat it: that the budget be reduced, that instead of 500 deputies there be 300 so that the so-called multi-member deputies do not exist and that they be elected by the people, that the magistrates be elected by the people and not by the parties, they do not accept that INE officials no longer earn so much, save money,” criticized the President.

“Then, since they do not accept it, we are going to present a Law that, without infringing what the Constitution establishes, allows us to achieve savings in any case so that it is not as costly as it is to organize the elections and that in that Law it is prohibited, of determining way, the purchase of the vote. Those are the two things that go in the Law, ”he added.

The Federal Chief Executive affirmed that the opposition deceived by wanting to destroy the National Electoral Institute (INE), which he described as “a lie” of great proportions and mentioned that those who should be ashamed are those who believed said deception.

In addition, he pointed out that those who marched on November 13 in the streets of Mexico City to defend the INE and democracy, as well as those who believed that with the Electoral Reform the organization was going to disappear, should read the initiative and have the civil courage to say “they deceived me, I was wrong”.

“They deceived many of us who wanted to destroy the INE […] So, the deceived, many with a good academic level, just for honesty and pride, should read the reform and have the civil courage to say ‘they deceived me, I was wrong’, ‘I don’t like the President because I already believe in any lie ‘, ‘I don’t hear, I don’t see, I don’t reason, I’m dominated by reason, not to mention hate,’” he said.

Likewise, the President considered that the opposition does not agree with the Electoral Reform because it has many interests and thinks that if they stay with the INE as it is, they will be able to count on an instrument for fraud. “They are completely wrong, people no longer accept fraud and money, because the reform to the Constitution that we proposed is to reduce the money that is delivered to the parties, they took care of all that, and it is understandable that this corrupt elite defends the electoral fraud,” he added.


The proposal to reform the Constitution on electoral matters by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador aims to replace the National Electoral Institute (INE) with the National Institute of Elections and Consultation (INEC), which reduces from 11 to seven the number of directors who will be elected by popular vote. The bill also eliminates multi-member representatives and reduces public financing only to the campaign period.

With the purpose of eradicating electoral fraud and strengthening democracy, as well as saving 24 billion pesos, the electoral reform initiative that the Executive will send to the Chamber of Deputies reduces federal deputies from 500 to 300 and from 128 to 96 senators, incorporates electronic voting into the Constitution, and leaves electoral organizations out of time on radio and television.

The presidential initiative, which wants to reform 18 articles of the Constitution and seven transitory articles, proposes the disappearance of the 32 Local Electoral Public Organizations (OPLEs), created in the 2014 reform, to “end duplicities”, and also reduces the number of legislators locals and councilors in the municipalities.

The local congresses would now have a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 45 members, while the councilors of the town halls would also decrease.

Unlike the INE, which has 11 councilors elected by consensus by Congress, the new electoral institute would be made up of seven members who must be chosen by popular vote from a list of 60 candidates presented by the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches.

The reform was prepared by Pablo Gómez and Horacio Duarte, head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the director of Customs, respectively, specialists in the matter and both federal deputies who have been close to López Obrador.

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