Danilo Carrera made a comment about his girlfriend and Galilea Montijo was outraged

Galilea Montijo reacted to Danilo’s words. Photos: Darkroom

Danilo Carrera confessed that he already has a new girlfriendbut this was not the most controversial part of his statement if not a comment What did he do to speak well of her? outraged Galilee Montijo.

If Galilea Montijo had already advised Belinda that engagement rings are not returned, now the host gave her opinion on the words of Danilo Carrera pointing out that she felt alluded to and even expressed that she wants to know if her comment launched her a hint to Michelle Renaud.

What did Danilo Carrera say about his girlfriend?

Danilo Carrera He had an affair with Michelle Renaud who was always in the spotlight of the press because there were separations and returns. In fact, it has even been said that their final break was due to the fact that the Ecuadorian actor did not want to have children, an important factor for the soap opera protagonist, who now plans to be a mother again with her partner, Matías Novoa.

Months after his thunder with Michelle Renaud, Danilo Carrera talked about his current girlfriend in an interview with the “Hoy” program, indicating that is a different woman because apparently he is not dedicated to the entertainment industry.

“At the end of the day he is a person with totally different values, he is dedicated to medicine, he has nothing to do with acting. I love her because she is much smarter than me, she knows five languages, she is not Mexican ”

Danilo Carrera said of his girlfriend

Galilea Montijo’s reaction to Danilo Carrera’s comment

The host of “Hoy” expressed that she felt alluded to by the distinction that Danilo Carrera made between his doctor girlfriend and the women in the middle.

“What Danilo Carrera said right now made us women who dedicate ourselves to the artistic medium freak out”

Galilea Montijo pointed out

The communicator’s partner, Paul Stanley, asked her what values ​​she had based on Danilo’s statement, to which she continued to explain that she was confused.

“Different from those of a doctor. Danilo, contact us because I know you and I believe that you are also dedicated to the medium and I believe that you also have the same values ​​as a doctor”

Galilee Montijo

Montijo even expressed that the actor’s words “could” him.

“Well, it is that he says: ‘he is not dedicated to the medium, he has nothing to do with it’… or was he referring to Michelle Renaud who has other values? I do not want to tie knives, but it did hurt me”

Galilee Montijo

Arath de la Torre also thought Carrera’s comment was wrong and Raúl Araiza was the one who tried to defend the actor arguing that his intention had not been bad.

Danilo Carrera was also rained on networks

Danilo was not only rained on the program, he was also disqualified on social networks with comments like:

  • “Don’t worry, he’s just a hurt and spiteful man”
  • “Well, it went well with the description of his girlfriend, it’s a pity that she is not Mexican because he eats and works in this country”
  • “Danilo Carrera practically said that Mexicans cannot speak 5 languages ​​nor do we have values”

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