Controversy over Falkland Islands begins in FIFA

  • The most expensive player on the Mexican team is Edson Álvarez.

  • Memo Ochoa is valued at 1.2 million euros.

  • Messi and Lautaro Martínez are among the most expensive in the Argentine team.

The Mexicans know very well where to attack, which is why a controversy began over the Malvinas Islands, in a bus the baton of “In the Malvinas they speak English”, act that has made Argentines uncomfortable and enraged.

Several recently came to light videos in Qatar of clashes of Mexicans against Argentines they even appear hitting each other in the streets and that the soccer duel between these countries has not yet begun.

Things start to get very tense before the next game that will take place on Saturday, November 26 at the Lusail Stadium which has the capacity for 88 thousand 966 spectators, however many fans will be on the lookout outside this venue.

Messi He is one of the world’s favorite players and hopes to close his last participation in a world being world champion, so he will give his best effort to achieve this goal, Lionel Messi with a value of about 50 million euros together with Lautaro Martínez with an estimate of 75 million euros, they are the most expensive and prominent players in the Argentine choice, however the Mexican team also has to fight.

Most Valuable Players of the Mexican National Team

The most expensive player in the Mexican team is Edson Álvarez with an estimated market value of 35 million euros, according to estimates from the Transfermarkt.

Edson Álvarez, only 25 years old, has extensive experience playing as a defender and midfielder for Ajax Amsterdam in the Netherlands Eredivisie, in addition to being the top player on the Mexican team, so good results are expected from his part in this edition of the World Cup.

The second most expensive player is Hirving Lozano, also known as Chucky Lozano valued at 28 million euros, his current team is SSC Napoli of Serie A.

Tecatito Corona enters the top of the most expensive Mexican team players, with 14 million euros, however he was unable to attend the World Cup in Qatar due to an injury.

In the same way, Raúl Jimenez is one of the most expensive in the Mexican team despite the fact that he had a drastic devaluation due to his skull fracture, however he managed to recover enough to go to participate in the World Cup, he has served as a striker and currently plays for Wolverhampton Wanderers in the English Premier League, is valued at 12 million euros.

Erick Sánchez and Alexis Vega also enter the list, tying with 8 million euros.

Courage of Guillermo Ochoa

Guillermo Ochoa is the goalkeeper of the selection mexican and many times he has gotten us out of trouble with his amazing saves, as happened in the past confrontation of Mexico vs. PolandHowever, its value is not as high as in the case of his fellow footballers, since it is valued at 1.2 million euros.

Controversy over Falkland Islands begins in FIFA

It hasn’t started yet duel between Mexico and Argentina and the rivalries of these countries have already started, a video recently emerged in which a Mexican organizes a riot in the streets of Qatar with other foreigners whom he invites to sing saying “Bye Messi”, however that is nothing in Compared to what was recently announced, since unfortunately there have already been blows, in the video you can see how some Mexicans and Argentines physically assault each other, other people are in the place and despite that, nobody wanted to calm down the fight , although it was to be expected because a strong aggressiveness is really noticeable, so perhaps doing something could be dangerous in a country as strict as Qatar.

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But that’s not all, as there is another video where Mexicans and Argentines appear on a bus arguing, but things got tense after a Mexican mocked shouting “In the Malvinas they speak English”, to which an Argentine could not contain himself and replied “Not with that one, I allow you all but not that one”.

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Many Argentines have been very outraged and offended against the Mexicans since the issue of the Malvinas turns out to be very delicate for them, the tension increases since the Mexicans created a somewhat offensive baton.

The Malvinas did not last.

They didn’t hold up to inflation.

and the coke we sell, Diego couldn’t stand it.

Whatever the result in Mexico versus Argentina matchSurely there will continue to be more confrontations against these countries and more so if the issue of the Falklands continues to be provoked, Mexico has already had several warnings in the World Cups due to its behavior, including the famous homophobic cry that had to be suspended to avoid a disqualification, however, FIFA recently issued several warnings that could harm the Mexican team.

Both countries are among the most fans of the World Cup, Mexico ranks fifth while Argentina is seventh, they belong to group C.

If the albiceleste team loses again, they would practically be out of the World Cup, they know it so they will play with all their effort to defeat the Aztec country, meanwhile, Mexico seeks to get out of the curse of the round of 16 for what In the same way, he will look for a strategy to have good results.

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