Argentina, a little inflated, but Mexico has no chance

José Ramón believes that Argentina will be aggressive and will put the Mexican goal in check in the crucial commitment of Group C

Jose Ramon It doesn’t allow you to finish the question. “There are no chances,” she assures without hesitation. “Do you really think that Mexico can do something about Argentina?”, ask now Fernandez to this journalist. “Argentina is a bit inflated, but I don’t even give Mexico a chance,” says the legendary sports commentator.

Beside david faitelsoninterviewed separately, agree that the Qatar Group C it has become the Group of Death. “When the favorite loses to one that was not such as arabian… Is not that Argentina It’s a super team, but it’s a good soccer team. Like the press there that lifts up its players a lot, makes them favorites to win the world”.

And the undefeated brand? She is reminded. “Argentina is far from winning world. Yes, it’s true about the victories, but apart from Brazilthe rest of the games were played with teams that were not powerful. Argentina He added and added, but he did not show it against Arabia, he was violated in defense. (Cristian) Romero failed in two plays and that’s where the goals fell ”, he refreshes.

Nevertheless, Jose Ramon not stop accepting that even though the Albiceleste is not as strong as it claims, it is above Mexico. “Certain players are inflated. It is true that there are some who are not. Messi It is real, Lautaro (Martínez) is real. (Rodrigo) De Paul is real. They are made, curdled, they know how to play. (Ángel) Di María, another one who plays well. He has a team and a bank. That there are some like (Leandro) Paredes… They have a young coach, but I see Argentina defeating Mexico”.

Fernandezinterviewed by ESPN Digitalhighlights that if the game against Poland was complicated, the confrontation against the South Americans is “doubly” difficult due to the conditions in which the light blues arrive after the defeat against the Arabs.

“The surprise would be that Mexico he will beat Argentina. It would be a huge surprise. Imagine that it is left out… Anything can happen, but logic tells us that Argentina He is going to take control, possession, he is going to have the Mexican goal in check”.

Although it has always been said that Jose Ramon does not want the Selection, the journalist himself clarifies that it is not about throwing at the Mexican team. “People should not have many illusions. Possibly Mexico I would have lost if (Robert) Lewandoski convert the penalty. Argentina lost to arabian, a surprise, because he did not let them move. When Messi it’s not going well, Argentina I think they are going to propose a different game, more aggressive, they are going to look for the set piece that hurts Mexicofouls outside the area so they go for everything”.

Jose Ramon confirms that Messi he is the second best player in the world and today argentine dmust be seriously thinking about how to bring down Mexico. “Normally Argentina has beaten Mexico, there have been many defeats for Mexico, Argentina is a difficult opponent for anyone and even more so that it is injured. They cannot return eliminated by Mexicoa rival of the Concacaf”.

The specialist of ESPN confirms that the rivals of the three they will put more speed. Guillermo Ochoa You must be very attentive because they are going to play the most important game of this World Cup for them. “I don’t see how Mexico I can beat Argentina. Maybe if they score three penalties. Mexico does not manage goal plays. Not once did he come in front of Poland. It takes a lot of work to get there. We don’t have a real center forward. It talks about Funes Mori, but they know it very well, they are going to neutralize it. It depends a lot on Chucky Lozano Y Alexis Vega that the bands open well. (Héctor) Herrera is not going through a great moment. I like (Luis) Chavez. ochoa will be key, in short, it will also be very important that Tata Martino He knows the Argentines, he knows who they are and which party is going to raise him, but I repeat, it’s going to be very difficult for Mexico. Argentina he needs the three points and from minute one he is going to go out and win them”, he underlines Jose Ramonwho believes that the result will be in favor of the South Americans by a score of 2-0.

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