A Sony document suggests when we could see the future PS6

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Despite the fact that it has only been a couple of years since the PS5 hit the market, Sony seems to have an idea of ​​when its successor, the hypothetical PS6, will arrive. And thanks to the open war What’s going on between Sony and Microsoft? following the purchase of Activison Blizzard, we have had the opportunity to know what could be the Sony plans.

in one of the documents that Sony sent to the Competition Markets Authority of the United Kingdom, the organization that is auditing the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, the Japanese company implied that its console could see the light in 2028.

“Microsoft has offered to keep Activision games available on PlayStation only until 2027. […] For when SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) release the next generation of your PlayStation console (which is likely to happen around [dato tachado]), you would have lost access to call of duty and other Activision titles, which makes it extremely vulnerable to consumer change and the consequent degradation of its competitiveness.

That data that appears crossed out in the document for confidentiality reasons would the year 2028, a date that would coincide with the launch of the hypothetical PS6 and in the that support for Activision games on PlayStation would end. Vevidencing the useful life of the two consoles prior to the PS5 (seven years each)it would be quite plausible that Sony had among its plans to launch its replacement around those dates.

It is important to point out that this document is not something definitive, far from it, since that everything could be a mere argument by Sony to destroy the Microsoft’s acquisition of Activison. But if cloud gaming doesn’t take over to consoles in the near future, then it’s no surprise that in 2028 we’ll come across a brand new PS6.

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