Why doesn’t “El Güiri Güiri” go to the World Cups anymore?

A comedian who was always present on Mexican television during the World Cup era was Andrés Bustamante, also known as “El Güiri Güiri”, however he has now abandoned his participation in this sporting event.

During the 80s, the comedian began to have his program on TV Azteca where he showed various characters that he had, such as “Ponchito”, “Dr. Chung-Ga” or “El Hooligan”, among others.

However, later he stopped being in the world championships; When the Covid-19 pandemic began, she reappeared on YouTube to encourage viewers with his characters and invite them to take care of the health situation the world was experiencing.

The public has expressed on their social networks that they miss the actor, who lent his voice in the “My Favorite Villain” franchise and they have said that they miss him at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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The “Güiri Güiri”, something else

The reason that he no longer puts humor on TV Azteca sports programs is simply because he no longer wanted to do it, he declared that he wanted to turn the page despite the fact that he still received invitations to be part of the current world cup.

“Many things are said, I received an invitation from TV Azteca, even from other television companies to be in the World Cup. I must admit that next to José Ramón Fernández I have had my greatest humorous adventures.

“I greatly appreciated the invitation, but I did not accept it, I think I have to turn the page a little and start doing other things,” said the Mexican comedian.

He also came to comment that there have been proposals that his characters become animated, but there is still nothing confirmed about this.


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