This is how the famous reacted after a phone was thrown on stage

Yuridia He continues to conquer some of his fans, not only with his voice but also with his personality, since on several occasions he has shown the love he feels for his followers with small actions. On this occasion, her reaction did not go unnoticed, since during a concert, a person from the public threw a phone at her on stage, but how did the singer react?, we will tell you.

It turns out that the interpreter of “I already forgot you” gave a show in Dallas, Texas, a few days ago, as part of her “Pa’ then it’s late” tour, however, while she sang the song “You were wrong” she realized that a device had fallen to the side of his shoes.

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Seeing this, the 36-year-old woman took it and smiled at the public, but the viewers were surprised because the artist looked for the cell phone camera and recorded herself, while following the show, she also took a few minutes to turn the camera and record the public. The act caused fans to erupt in screams and celebrate her reaction.

Photo: Via Youtube

Once Yuridia finished fulfilling her admirer’s wish, she returned the phone to her, but not before crying out in fear that they would not be able to catch the device.

Photo: Capture via TikTok @reyesthr

It was the fan herself who uploaded the viral clip to social networks, it is an influencer known as La Reyes. So far, the video has 13.9K million views.

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In the comments on the video, some have expressed their affection for the celebrity.

“What an emotion, that woman is a love, Yuridia’s simplicity is impressive, that’s why we love her,” were some of the comments.

While others compared their action with that of other singers such as SannParedes who wrote: “They wanted to do the same thing with a firm group and they threw it over there hahaha”, On the other hand, Daniela Felix gave a comical opinion of the matter, “Can you imagine that ( on the cell phone) the storage would have been full”.


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