They arrest 4 mayors in Hidalgo for “Sinister Scam”

The Hidalgo Attorney General’s Office (PGJH) arrested four acting mayors this Wednesday for their alleged participation in the diversion of more than 522 million pesosan operation known as the Sinister Scam, confirmed the governor of Hidalgo, Julio Menchaca Salazar.

The first detainee was the mayor of Epazoyucan, Fidel Arce Santander (PRI), around 1:21 p.m.; while the governor was making statements about this arrest, the mayor of Huautla, Felipe Juarez Ramirez (PES).

Subsequently, the municipal president of Nopala, Luis Enrique Cadena (Morena) -who at the beginning of October was absent for several days, and the population asked councilors to dismiss him; the fourth detained mayor was Elias Sanjuan Sanchez (PRI) from Yahualica.

Interviewed by local media, Governor Menchaca Salazar said that these apprehensions respond to the investigations that have been followed since his arrival in government, last September, when the alleged diversion of 522 million pesos was detected, from 13 mayors and 2 state secretariats .

(From) the Sinister Scam we warned that the path of the law was going to be taken, so, based on complaints, some of them by members of the councils and others by the Hidalgo Comptroller itself, they have been followed up.

The governor previously said that these movements were detected from mochepublic works or infrastructure, actions against Covid-19 and other issues, during the previous government, led by Omar Fayad.

The president Julio Menchaca avoided giving details of the situation so as not to hinder the actions of the Attorney General’s Office, but he affirmed that other arrests will come about this case that was warned by Santiago Nieto Castillo, before his departure from the Financial Intelligence Unit of the government of Mexico .

In addition to the 4 already detained, the alleged participation in this so-called Sinister Scam, that of the mayor of Tlahuelilpan, José Alfredo Díaz; the one from Pisaflores, Francisco González; the municipal president of Atotonilco el Grande, Hugo Ramírez López; also that of Huazalingo, Julio César González.

Last September, the mayor of Acaxochitlan, Erik Carbajal; at Mineral del Monte, Alejandro Sierra Tello; also the president of Zacualtipan, Edgar Moreno Gayosso; at Singuilucan, Miguel Taboada; and the mayor of Tepeji del Rio, Salvador Jimenez.

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