They are Gabriela and Valentina, DAUGHTERS of Valentín Elizalde who claim their MILLIONARY inheritance

Undoubtedly the death of Valentin Elizalde in November 2006, not only left an emotional hole but a huge dispute over the millionaire inheritance that he left, then his daughters Gabriela Y valentine has been claiming because the singer’s mother has supposedly taken everything, leaving them out of any negotiation.

Valentin Elizalde He continues to be very current in the hearts of Mexicans through his songs, which is why he became one of the most recognized celebrities in the country, despite his death from a gunshot wound in November 2006. However, everything Well, the famous man has left, he has been overshadowed by the fight between his daughters Gabriela Y valentine with the mother of the Mexican regional star, who allegedly has kept all the properties of the millionaire inheritance.

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