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The meeting of the conservatives passed, that of the CPAC, and the most notorious thing was that Trump’s Republicans proposed the actor Verástegui as their candidate for the Presidency of Mexico. Gone are those of the Spanish fascist party, Vox, the North American evangelicals, the Legionnaires of Christ who are very concerned about pedophilia in schools, and even libertarians like Javier Milei, who was expected to put on a great show, but who got bored when he began to to make balls between the concepts of price and value in the economy and, to save it, he shouted outrageously: “We are superior in productivity and morale.” Before, the right-wing candidate in the Dominican Republic, who goes by the name of Pamfis Domínguez, had already stated: “Conservatives are the universal standard.”

That would be a good conclusion about the fascist meeting in Mexico City that neither the instigator of the Capitol takeover, Steve Bannon, nor the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, showed up. What was repeated endlessly was that they, the preserves, are owners of a truth that is above politics, because it is of divine origin: the family is only between a man and a woman, “and not things rare”, as the leader of the Colorado Party of Paraguat, Enrique Riera, said; that the homeland is the one that deports illegal immigrants and defends its borders; that God is also one and that he speaks through them and not through the “Muslims” who, as the former journalist from The country and today a member of the European Parliament, Hermann Tersch, are part of “the mafias that have expropriated entire cities in Europe.”

What is relevant is that the Conservatives have portrayed themselves as a pressure group that is not interested in attracting voters but in sustaining their truth. The electoral right, Acción Nacional, was branded a “cowardly right” for not imposing the order that they believe to be of divine origin, such as parents of different sexes, customs, and Catholic masses. Meanwhile, I suppose, they stand as the “brave right” or “wild”, that is, the one who says cruelties, fallacies, and superiorities, without fear of ridicule. This is what this column is about, to analyze the two days they met in a hotel in Mexico City. And what will happen next, the obradorismo march, as a response from the left.

The first problem of the brave right is that it fights with a caricature and not with reality. For example, someone who says his name is Miklos Lukacs de Pereny, a Peruvian veterinarian, assured that the fight between left and right is “an anthropological war.” He thus said: “Now, men can be women, they can start a family with dogs and kittens, or marry a plant. Very soon there will be no more copulation, between man and woman and we will all be trans, we who were created in the image and likeness of God. They lead us to become a farce. What about the family? Stop being relevant. Your father is going to be a pipette and your mother, two eggs extracted from the spinal cord. So what will happen to identity? We will be multispecies and we will have people who decide to marry a light pole. This is what is behind the gender ideology.”

Among many of the commentators on the fascist forum there was much concern about the proximity of the vegetables. Not only because of what they call the “vegetarian left”, but because of the very threatening possibility of something called “transbotanicals”, which would mean a society that wants to be a plant. It is not a joke. Several said it. I suppose they imagine a terrible future where the pots are not enough and the populist State distributes the fertilizer.

An unintroduced gringo named Jason Jones said: “We honor real people. We have a truth above the opinions of governments”. That is to say, that there are people who are not true and that it is worth exterminating them from the heights of racial, gender, and class superiority. Several insisted, for example, that religious beliefs should be above patients in the case of doctors, above tests, in the case of judges, and above study plans, in the case of the schools. It is such a superior truth that they hold, that it cannot be contained by the institutions. Another complained that they could no longer participate in the government or in education because —I quote— “we are neither women nor disabled”. That in terms of the rights of the diversities that they imagine as carnivorous plants coming out of the laboratories financed by populism with our taxes.

The issue of economic inequality was also addressed. For conservatives it is a fictitious issue: it does not exist, it is an invention of the left. The former Minister of Education of Paraguay, Enrique Riera, said so: “They have demonized profit.” César Grajales, a Republican lobbyist in Miami, assured without fear: “The left tells the poor that they have no chance to be successful.” Well, it’s reality that tells him every morning, but he continued: “The left demonizes businessmen when there is a leader in each of us, a soldier of freedom.” Well, he confused leader with soldier and then they complain about not having more figures than those of Verástegui. And he concluded with a call to “elect governments that do not give away anything, but distribute opportunities.” While this Colombian, son of Miami, spoke, the users of the chat on the platform where the meeting was broadcast commented: “The interoceanic channel in Mexico is an idea of ​​Isabel La Católica, expropriated by the Freemasons.” Another reacted to the idea of ​​transbotanists: “There is no such thing as artificial intelligence,” he wrote, “there is only one intelligence and it is God’s.”

The local tone was taken up by Fredo Arias-King, who presumed to have been the international link for the campaign of Vicente Fox and Josefina Vázquez Mota, ended up, for an incomprehensible reason, praising the manager of the musical group ABBA whom he related to the success of privatizations after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He incidentally said that “social justice is robbery.” Closer to the order of her presentation, the Chilean deputy for the Republican Party, Chiara Barchiesi, assured that the left is like a doctor who does not tell his patient that he is going to die”, therefore, the right is the one that He tells the patient that he is going to die, that is, he tells him that he will never get out of poverty and that if he rebels, he will go to jail. She assured that Boric won in Chile because of the “revenge desires of those who have less against those who have more.” They want to see the powerful suffer,” she said. “It is pure revenge and revenge that leads them to vote for emotional lies that serve the agents of the conflict.”

Someone who was presented as “the iron fist against communism”, the deputy for the Democratic Center of Colombia, Maria Fernanda Cabal, ended up being that but against the possible voters: “The left-wingers”, “he said without fear of neologism, “They make youth promiscuous and then say that desires are rights. They have awakened the juvenile jerk, the mesmerized masses for just causes, the LGBT indoctrination in our schools, who are going to end up using the full alphabet.” She already on the run, she attacked Gustavo Petro, the Colombian president, like this: “He is an arsonist of the ideas that fueled molecular terrorism financed by Russia and that goes to the witches of Santeria in Cuba.” She then launched herself against “historical memory” and in defense of “verifiable” history, one of the themes of this summit, which opposes the stamp of heroes to the diversity of sources, the history of the victims. She finished off with a phrase that synthesizes it: “The serious thing is that idiots vote.”

The furies were unleashed. Isa Mendez, a former local deputy from Nuevo León, lashed out at magistrate Arturo Zaldívar: “We are ashamed of Zaldívar, that his bedtime has taken them to the Supreme Court.” Later, she herself or her partner Carlos Leal called to concentrate their propaganda in the “districts controlled by the middle class.” Hermann Tertsch del Valle Lersundi, a former columnist for El País, and now one of the Vox MEPs who have attacked President López Obrador for “insulting journalists” from La Mañanera, said without fear of hiterism: “While the Nazis are persecuted in Everyone, we are witnessing this shame that the European Union finances the populist dictatorship in Cuba (…) The good news is that after the guilty passivity we have a moment of reaction. We have a new government in Italy. Giorgia Meloni is going to give us great joy, but also the Swedish Democratic Party, which seeks the return of all illegal immigrants and respect for the family, for borders, for the recovery of Western civilization”.

The most anticipated by the conservatives was the Argentine Javier Milei, but he disappointed, as I already said, because he made balls with his economic categories. He wanted to show that climate change did not exist because, according to him, the temperature is sometimes high or low. He also wanted to argue against the idea that women earn less than men, saying that all women want to study pediatrics and that men are the ones who dedicate themselves to other medical specialties. Then he talked about Messi and, as he perceived that he had bored, he tried two advertising phrases: “the left wants a society of envious people” and “he who earns money is a hero, he is a social benefactor.” But the summit of the preserves was over for everyone.

I made this account because we should not belittle the delusion of divine superiority of the brave right. Faced with the collapse of the PRIAN opposition and its march in defense of a danger of lies that was the disappearance of the electoral body, this summit arises that stands as chosen by the God of order. A right-wing woman who is uninhibited in her idea of ​​authoritarianism that imposes on others what a family, a school, a doctor or a country should be. That is why President López Obrador’s speech on the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution was due. There, he established a comparison between the current moment and the coup against Francisco I. Madero: you cannot agree with a treacherous elite and you should never govern without popular support. Thus, López Obrador is once again setting the coordinates for 2024 where the principles of equity, national sovereignty, secularism, and universality of rights must be defended against this savage right. Running to the center or towards the so-called “reconciliation” proposed by characters like Ricardo Moreal would be to unbalance political principles in favor of electoral calculation. The march next Sunday will be the response to the defeat, from below, from diversity, and the rescue of the State and national sovereignty. It is not, as has been said, a response to the poor march of the “ine no se toca”. It’s much more than that. It is the plebeian and popular solution to the idea that there are superior minds that should submit us to what they say is the universal truth. It is the dispute between the rancid elite doctorate and us, the new politicized commoners. Between the old rhetoric of medieval authority, which is only 20 percent, and us, 80 percent, persuaded by the present.

Fabrizio Mejia Madrid

He is a writer and journalist. He collaborates with La Jornada and Aristégui Noticias. He has published more than 20 books, including the novels Shots in the Dark, El rancor, Tequila DF, A Confidence Man, That Light That Dazzles Us, Digital Life, and Man Overboard, which received the Antonin Artaud Prize in 2004. .

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