The incredible physical change of Kunal Nayyar after the end of The Big Bang Theory

Thanks to its immense fame, The Big Bang Theory brought the important protagonists of the series to the top, and now that the comedy has come to an end in 2019, every time we see one of them in another project we are surprised by the resounding change. of look, as was the case of Kunal Nayyar.

The Big Bang Theory On various occasions it has been classified as one of the most valued programs in the history of television, its actors have even received good recognition for their impeccable work on television screens. CBS. It is no secret to anyone that one of the most beloved characters in this series is Rajesh Koothrappali, played by the actor of Indian descent. Kunal Nayyar.

Now the actor in search of new horizons tries another look than what we are used to. Netflix called him and Kunal Nayyar gave life to Sandeep Singh, a convicted murderer who raises a curious agreement to achieve freedom in the fourth episode of the second season of Criminal: UK. The actor took this change as an initiative, explaining what he wanted to achieve.

Kunal Nayyar He stressed that the decision to act in this crime drama was “a deliberate decision.” When the right moment came, he did not hesitate to completely change the plot to which he was accustomed.

“Physically, my voice is very recognizable and so is my face… it was important to do something that would completely break down that barrier.”

After his departure in The Big Bang Theory, Kunal Nayyar has been encouraged to explore other roles in the drama, as he has been doing recently in AppleTV+. The interpreter leaves Raj Koothrappali behind and became one of the suspects in a kidnapping in Suspects, the fiction starring Uma Thurman. The actor can be seen with a totally different look, and that is, for almost 300 episodes we saw him have the same image in the comedy drama.

Kunal Nayyar adds new projects with a look very different from that of Raj Koothrappali

Kunal Nayyar surprises with his drastic physical change, leaving behind his role in The Big Bang Theory

These performances make his followers of CBS definitely forget the figure that the actor played for twelve years: Raj Koothrappali. As we will remember, The Big Bang Theory it centered on a group of four geeky friends and the beautiful woman they became friends with. However, keeping a comedy drama on the air for so many years was not easy, to innovate, the production had to integrate a long list of secondary characters such as Stuart, Emily, Barry, Lucy, Wil and Bert were part of the plot. .

Kunal Nayyar He will always be unforgettable for his years as Raj Koothrappali on the unforgettable sitcom The Big Bang Theory, but now he is looking for new horizons and his new characters couldn’t be more different. We could say that worlds away from what he starred in alongside Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecky and Simon Helberg, since there is nothing funny about it and, on the contrary, it is a harrowing ‘thriller’ full of action .

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