Shakira’s REVENGE against Gerard Piqué; she leaves him on the STREET on her last visit to her son

Fans have been keeping up with the private life of Gerard Piqué Y Shakira after their breakup, which is why it has attracted a lot of attention that before the Colombian moved to Miami, she did not hesitate to charge the former soccer player with a revenge that some classified as cruel and others as childish, because it let waiting in the street on the last visit to its sonmoment that was recorded on video.

Despite the sentimental ties between Gerard Piqué Y Shakira They have already cut themselves off, they still have responsibilities that they must carry together, such as maintaining the well-being of their sons. That is why, although the Colombian has decided to go live in Miami with Sasha and Milan, the businessman still has some visits constant with their little ones before they both leave the European country and the distance separates them a little more.

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