Raúl’s mask fell off, ESPN reveals why Jiménez went to the World Cup

Raúl Jiménez / Spicy Soccer
Raúl Jiménez / Spicy Soccer


Raul Jimenez He has been one of the most criticized players in the Mexican National Team, something that no one could predict if we consider that the player was one of the most talented players in Gerardo Martino’s team. In fact, it would be unlikely that at the beginning of Martino’s cycle in El Tri someone ruled out Jiménez’s option.

However, an unfortunate series of injuries has left the Wolverhampton number 9 out of the circuit for several months, coming to the end of his process at the limit of the date on which Martino would leave his final list. Therefore, several analysts questioned whether Jiménez would reach the rhythm to play a high-level tournament such as the World Cup.

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Given this, an interview with Mauricio Ymar in ESPN It seems to be one of the weapons used against Jiménez, since the footballer left a promise that for many fans was not fulfilled: if Jiménez is not feeling well to play in a World Cup, he promised to step aside to leave his place for another partner.

Jiménez does not aim to start against Argentina

Raúl Jiménez does not aim to have a large number of minutes against the Argentine squad, a team that urgently needs a win after their loss with Saudi Arabia. The game will be practically a final, since the team that loses could say goodbye to the World Cup.

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