Prohibition of transgenic corn would erase 42% of agricultural GDP: CNA – El Financiero

MONTERREY, Nuevo León.- The position of the Government of Mexico to prohibit the imports of corn transgenic as of 2024 it would eliminate 42 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) national agri-food industry, warned Juan Cortina, president of the National Agricultural Council (CNA).

After inaugurating the 2022 Global Agri-Food Forum, the CNA leader pointed out in an interview that what the government intends to do is nonsense, since it will affect jobs of the sector and will negatively impact the growth of the national economy.

“It’s an ideological issue and activism I think it no longer has space in our country, and more so in a sector that has been growing, that has a dynamism that feeds 125 million Mexicans, we cannot put all this at risk for an ideological position,” he said. .

In this regard, Luis Fernando Haro, director of the CNA, explained that the 42 percent reduction in agri-food GDP would be due to the fact that this is the size of the country’s livestock sector, which is everything that has to do with meat production, beef , poultry, pork and by-products such as milk, eggs and other similar products.

“The livestock sector depends very significantly on these corn imports, since it is the largest consumer of yellow cornFortunately, Mexico has a surplus of the white corn productionwhich goes mainly to human consumption, but the same does not happen with the yellow cornso we would not have enough raw material to feed the animals,” he said.

For his part, Cortina Gallardo stressed that this issue has been discussed for 40 years, and it has been shown that the use of new technologies It is not harmful to health.

“In the United States and in 180 other countries, transgenic corn has been used and there has been no impact. Currently, the non-transgenic production in the world it is minimal, I think only us and, a little, South Africa, and it no longer exists,” he asserted.

He stressed the importance of stopping seeing the science and technology as an enemy, since in the future it will be necessary to feed more than 9 billion worldwide.

“Food worldwide should increase its production by 2050 by 60 percent to meet demand, the discussion we should be having is to see how we will be more efficient and friendly to the environment. environment with the tools that all farmers of the world they are using and that in Mexico they want to ban us,” said the business leader.

This week, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador declared that he will not accept pressure to introduce yellow corn to the country, this as a reaction to a letter sent by US senators to the US Trade Representative Katherine Tai.

will lobby republicans

On the other hand, Claudia Ruiz Massieupresident of the Special Commission for Monitoring the Implementation of the T-MEC of the Senate of the Republic, indicated that the rise of the Republican party in the United States House of Representatives will result in greater pressures for the Mexican countryside.

In the same forum, he warned that the presidential election that will take place simultaneously in both countries in 2024 will cause battles of declarations, so that “Mexico will have to deploy an offensive strategy and a defensive one. Keep a control panel of the possible risks that our Business partners may raise as a reason to question the permanence or validity of the treaty and a defensive regarding those actions of our Business partners that we think they are harmful”, highlighted the legislator.

For his part, Chris Forbes, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food of Canada, indicated that the science and technology can contribute to face the challenges of the sector and the food safety with new cropsapproaches to production and the innovation that help the world produce more with less land, reduce the food waste and the environmental footprint.

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