Pitched battle between Mexicans and Argentines, they even insult MessiMediotiempo

Mexico City /

Saturday, the day of the game between Mexico and Argentina in the world and things are already ‘hot’ in Qatarbecause fans from both countries had a pitched battle in Doha.

A video is circulating in which some fans beat each other up, including one wearing a T-shirt Germany helped a mexican

There was no intervention by the police or any authority from the host country at that time, so there were people with injuries, although they have not been reported to be serious.

Other fans were the ones who calmed down the situation that was taking place at that moment, although there was no shortage of shouting against Lionel Messithe star of the albicelestes. “Fucking Messi, fucking Messi”is heard in the video.


There has been a great rivalry between these teams, although Argentina always comes out ahead; he won in the Group Phase in Uruguay 1930 and in the Eighth Finals in Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010.

However, Argentine soccer players in Mexican soccer usually have a better future than in their country, since they offer them a better salary; although it is worth mentioning that the three has as forward to an Argentine (Rogelio Funes Mori)as well as its technical director, Gerardo Martino.

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