PAN deputy faints in Congress of Tamaulipas- Uno TV

The deputy is already recovering. Photo: Tamaulipas Congress

In the Congress of Tamaulipas, Luis René Cantú Galvándeputy and leader of the parliamentary faction of the National Action Party (BREAD), fainted in the middle of the session; the legislator received medical attention before being transferred to a hospital.

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Social media users shared the video; However, the Chamber of Congress did not capture the exact moment of the PAN collapse. The event happened when the legislative activities were being carried out.

After the incident, Alejandra Cárdenas, president of the Board of Directors, in the first instance, requested a recess after the fainting of deputy Cantú Galván.

“An apology, representative, we are going to take a 10-minute recess, is there a cardiologist present? If you can go to plenary, please.”

  • In other shared images, it was appreciated when personnel from the Tamaulipas Congress attended the PAN member

After the incident, Luis René Cantú Galván explained that he had no heart problem and assured that the reason for the fainting was due to a gallbladder complication.

“Thank God I’m fine and resting at home! The gallbladder problem that I presented was successfully treated, I did not have any heart problems. I thank everyone for your concern! Soon I will rejoin to continue fighting for the families of Tamaulipas”.

  • The PAN deputy recovers to later join the legislative activities

For his part, he Tamaulipas Congress He assured, through a statement, that the deputy was treated when he suffered the health problem.

“It is important to mention that he received medical attention in the State Congress, prior to being transferred to the hospital, since it was in this morning’s session that he required the health services present in the legislative building.”

  • Due to the above, the Board of Directors, headed by Alejandra Cárdenas, informed that by her agreement, the scheduled parliamentary activities were canceled, and summoned a session for November 30.

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