Lis Vega very loving from the beaches of Cuba, her best moment

Last October, the vedette Lis Vega was receiving love in her heart and it seems that this will be the definitive relationship, since she was getting married in Cuba with her now husband Naldo, also a singer-songwriter from his native country.

Less than a month before this wonderful occasion, the television celebrity is in the so-called “honeymoon stage”, because despite not being able to spend their first weeks as spouses with their partner due to their schedule, their love it is more than obvious.

Through social networks Lis Vega He once again declared his love to the four winds with two photos on the beach, making it clear that not only his heart and personality remain young, but also his body is at its best.

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Lis Vega very loving from the beaches of Cuba, her best moment. Source: Instagram


In the description of the post, the Poet of the Urban left a long letter for Naldo, conveying all his feelings from the United States to Cuba, where his beloved partner is residing.

It is never late or early to LOVE, because LOVE is a matter of SOULS and souls do not have TIME”, reads

She then went on to talk about the emotional process she went through during these 3 years of being single, in which she focused on work and taking care of herself, an evolution that allowed her to be ready for the arrival of her husband.

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