Laura León rose to fame for being natural in this film

The world of entertainment is celebrating because one of most loved celebrities is having a birthday, it’s about Laura León, who celebrates 70 years on this day. The actress has a long career in the artistic world, so few remember that claim to fame when showing up to natural in a movie of the 70s, which marked her entry into the entertainment industry, in which she is now highly recognized.

Rebeca Valderrain Verareal name of the singer and actress, was born November 24, 1952, in Comalcalco, Tabasco. According to his biography, he studied until his first year of high school, after which he began his career as a performer in film, theater and televisionas well as in the music, since he released several songs, which are still in the public’s taste. Thanks to this, he has gained many fans who today remember his beginnings on that tape in which he had to take off most of his clothes.

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Laura León started in this film

In her youth she was discovered by the actor and director of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, Emilio “El Indio” Fernandezwho chose her to participate in his film “Red zone“, a tape filmed in 1976 and which was starred by Fanny Cano, Armando Silvestre, Víctor Junco, Venetia Vianello and Mercedes Carreño, to mention a few members of the cast. Laura León had a small appearance in the story, however, it was very emblematic because she had to pose half-naked while riding a horse.

“Leonor works in a brothel called The Paradise, in a Caribbean environment. Juan, a man in love with Leonor, has escaped from jail. Both Leonor and Juan want a new life, but they are hindered by the shadow of their past”, it can be read in the synopsis of this story that was directed by himself “Indio” Fernández, who has just been released from jail for those years, as he had entered because he was accused of the homicide of a man.

In the scene, Laura it’s found riding a horse without a chair and with little clothing, showing off her curvaceous silhouette that she has maintained until now that she is 70 years old. Although the identity of the actress cannot be distinguished, her participation made her part of other projects such as “Variedades Bacardí” with Hector Lechuga and Manuel “El Loco” Valdez, “Bloody land”, “Night of spree” and “National Stations of the Cross”.

However, it was her musical career that led her to be recognized internationally. “abuser“, “Fiesta, fiesta”, “La pregonera” and “Marinero”, are some of the songs that have made her stand out in tropical music, merengue, cumbia and Cuban son, among many other genres, since she has also tried to make reggaeton adapting to the tastes of the new generations, who still recognize it thanks to its work on the small screen such as “El premio mayor”, where it shared credits with Carlos Bonavides either “two women one way“.


Laura León sings “La gata bajo la lluvia”, the musical success of Rocío Dúrcal | VIDEO

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