La Jornada – Use the INE 78 billion pesos in personal services in 9 years

Mexico City. In nine years, from 2015 to 2023, Chapter 1000 Personal Services of the National Electoral Institute (INE) has cost 78 thousand 932 million pesos, and for the next year of the 20 thousand 221 million authorized for its budget, that item will absorb 11 thousand 178 million, explains the project of opinion of constitutional reform in electoral matter.

“The INE is a large and bureaucratic body”, adds the project, which details how chapter 1000 includes seven concepts: salaries of permanent personnel, salaries of temporary personnel, additional and special remunerations, social security, other social and economic benefits, forecasts wages and payment of incentives to public servants.

Only the stimulus payment will amount to 1,384.96 million in 2023.

The nine-year total of chapter 1000 of the INE is equivalent, for example, to the money that is expected for one year in the Expenditure Budget for agencies such as the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation, which will have 77 thousand 411 million; It would reach almost 10 times the cost of the Interior, which will be 7 thousand 868 million; or almost five years of spending by Congress, which is 15 thousand 994 million.

For 2023, the Agriculture budget will be 70 thousand 527 million; that of the Environment, of 75 thousand 627 million; Conacyt spending will be 31 thousand 655.

The draft opinion includes an analysis of the Chamber’s Center for Public Finance Studies, which calculated savings of 6 thousand 244.1 million pesos per year, if the measures proposed by the Executive are applied, to cut spending on parties, reduction of electoral advisors and the reduction of deputies and senators that would imply an annual saving of 6 thousand 244.1 million pesos.

Of that amount, 5 thousand 936 million would correspond to eliminating the financing to the parties for their ordinary activities; 17.6 million for eliminating four electoral advisers, and 290.5 million for eliminating 200 deputies and 32 senators, according to the analysis, which was added to the draft opinion.

Morena calculates that disappearing addresses and unifying structures in the INE, as well as prohibiting the rental of real estate would imply a cut of 3 billion pesos.

The savings that are presumed to drop from 11 to seven INE directors and the members of the two houses of Congress, contrast, however, with their respective budgets. For the INE, the 2023 expense was approved at 20 thousand 221 million; the Senate will have 4 thousand 728 million and the Chamber of Deputies 8 thousand 572 million.

An additional saving, in one go, for 6 thousand 788 million pesos would be achieved with the extinction of the local electoral public organizations and the dissolution of the electoral tribunals, also indicates the study center.

In addition, the draft opinion explains, regarding party financing, that, in Latin America, Mexico is one of the countries that allocates the most public funds to electoral spending and ordinary activities of political institutes.

For example, he cites that in the 2018 elections for electoral activities, the equivalent of 113.62 million dollars was delivered to independent parties and candidates, only behind Brazil, which allocated 478.11 million dollars.

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