Kanye West ‘bullied’ his Yeezy employees with graphic photos of Kim Kardashian

Kanye West he does not end up leaving one polemic to enter another, each one more intriguing and scandalous than the next.

It was recently revealed that the rapper exhibited intimate photographs, with little or no clothing, of his then wife kim kardashian in his office adidas.

Dismissed employees, who collaborated with the singer in the division of yeezyrevealed to the magazine rolling stones that explicit photographs or videos were presented daily with the aim of “intimidating” them.

One of the times this happened was during a job interview with a candidate, Kanye showed him a intimate photo of Kim that had just arrived on his cell phone and then he showed it to other employees.

Filtration of graphic content of the socialite was not the only thing that Kanye did inside the offices, in the accusations reported to rolling stones West was described as creating a “sexualized atmosphere” in which pornography was the topic of every day, even involving female employees with sexualized comments.

“I want you to make me a shoe that I can hold,” the man told him. rapper to an employee in the offices in China.

The former employees also accused that daily Ye played pornographic videos in the middle of work days, most of those videos involved him physically, his wife and other women.

A video recorded by Kanye’s team is circulating on networks in which it shows the singer meeting with various employees of adidas in a room and out of nowhere he starts playing a pornographic video on his cell phone.

One of the workers seems to be surprised by the video and refuses to watch it, Kanye insists on playing it for his colleagues who express their discomfort.

Upon finding out the Adidas senior managers They did nothing to stop Ye from what happened every day and, on the contrary, they let him behave as he wanted, even when his actions exposed his wife without clothes and without her having any idea.

The employees tried Stop Explicit Content Leaking in the office with a document signed by themselves called The Truth About Yeezy: A call to action for Adidas leadership.

However, the accusations of “toxic and chaotic work environment,” West’s “unhealthy patterns of predatory behavior toward women” never really caught on among “bosses” of adidas and leading executives of the division of yeezy until before the association ended.

In the accusatory report of rolling stonee was said that Kanye used that content and allowed himself to behave as he wanted to intimidate employeeswhom they made believe that they should listen to him only because “he owns 100 percent of his brands” and because they “were there to serve him.”

It was in 2019 that Kanye admitted to being addicted to pornography and revealed that her first “front door to porn” was a magazine Playboy that he saw at the age of five. His personality and his decisions as an adult began to be made from his addiction to this type of content.

In the midst of his controversies, he said on social networks that he would “fight” to overcome his addiction “with God’s help” and that he would protect his children “from the same vice” from his experience.

A few weeks ago, adidas ended the association with Kanye a few weeks ago in the midst of the controversy that sparked his antisemitic comments and hate messages to the African-American community, models, singers and businessmen.

“Adidas does not tolerate hate speech and offensive behavior and has therefore terminated the association with Adidas Yeezy,” it said. adidas.

“We have been and continue to be actively involved in discussions with our employees about the events that led to our decision to end the association,” the company added in a press release without disclosing the other Reasons to ban Kanye.

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