Guardado’s wife responds for traveling with an employee to Qatar 2022

The players of the Mexican team They have had the support of their families in the Qatar World Cup 2022, where different photos and videos have shown the support in the stands within the Tri matches. In the case of the Andrés Guardado family, there was an exemplary case, since the midfielder’s wife, Sandra de la Vegahad a noble gesture by taking with him the domestic employee, who has been able to enjoy the festival of world.

Mari”, as they call it in networks, appears in several photos and videos with a cheerful face, and it is not for less, since it is not every day that one has the possibility of going to a country like Qatar let alone in one world Cup; However, this seems to have been misdirected by some network users, who described it as “class” traveling with a maid to take care of the children.

Guardado’s wife and employee respond to criticism

In this situation, Sandra de la Vega, wife of the Betis playerhas uploaded some videos to his Instagram stories where he appears with the worker, whom affectionately calls him “Ushi”. In the images they both appear in a truck and Sandra says: “we are very sad, right? well at least The ‘Ushi’ has already become famous”; “I’m already famous,” replies the worker.

The Andrew’s wife He also cites a publication where he claims that “classists are those who think that a domestic worker cannot be a travel companion”and adds: “thank goodness that in the world there are people who have already evolved.”

Guardado's wife and her maid

Guardado’s wife and her maid

Who is Sandra de la Vega, Guardado’s wife?

Sandra Vega was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, like Andrew. She is the mother of the soccer player’s children and she dedicated herself to modeling, a talent that she took advantage of to participate in several fashion shows.

He currently lives in Europe, where he always has supported Guardado’s careerwho emigrated since 2006 and has been in different teams such as PSV, Betis and Bayer Leverkusen.

He currently has a channel Youtube and is the president of a civil association that raises funds for social assistance centers and institutions.


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