Good, beautiful and cheap smartwatch: take advantage of this 60% discount

You’re probably already in christmas shopping mode and you need interesting options to give to your loved ones or to order as a gift. Taking advantage of the offers Black Friday 2022 we have come across a Smart watch quite complete and at a good price. It has everything you need, you don’t have to charge it every day and it’s from a brand that we’ve already talked about on other occasions. We talk about Haylou Solar Plus RT3!

If you are looking for a smart watch for notifications, sports tracking and health monitoring you don’t have to spend hundreds of euros. There are many interesting options on the market that offer a price/quality ratio quite tight.

Haylou Solar Plus RT3: everything you need at a good price

The Haylou Solar RT3 was recently launched by the brand as one of its affordable and versatile bets. Its round design clashes with the common, since the vast majority of smartwatches on the market have rectangular screens. This one does not and, in addition, offers a aluminum body perfect for sports and also for day to day.

Its screen is one of the best assets, since it has a size of 1.43 inches, it is AMOLED and has a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels. Its edges are 2.5D, so the build quality is quite remarkable.

Haylou has focused her efforts on improve screen and offer the best experience possible. The tactility of this panel, along with its resolution and type (AMOLED), make the user feel a very high level of quality.

In addition, in this generation they have included a very important detail for certain users. Now the clock can answer calls thanks to the bluetooth connection with the smartphone. If someone calls you, you can pick up and speak from the clock. Again, it’s a feature that’s usually meant for much more expensive smartwatches.

As for features, there are quite a few and there are all the ones you can expect from a quality smart watch It has the ability to display notifications, measure blood oxygen saturation, monitor your sportsmeasure heart rate 24 hours a day, track sleep and much more.

To finish the play haylou has included a battery inside which offers about 7 days of autonomy. This means that you will only have to go through the charger once a week and not 7 times a week as with other smartwatches.

Buy it until the 30th with a 60% discount

best of this Haylou Solar Plus RT3 is that now you can buy it with a 60% discount on AliExpress. It usually costs 115 euros/dollars, and for Black Friday 2022 it has been reduced to 42.99 euros/dollars.

You can take advantage of this discount from the day November 24 to 30. Also, you will get after sales service, fast shipping and all taxes are included, so you will save yourself scares when the package arrives.

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