Game of Thrones: Key cast member dies after tough battle with cancer

Game of Thrones has just lost one of its cast members who has been facing a tough battle with cancer since the beginning of the series. The actor was not only a star of the HBO show, but also a great guitarist for a popular band.

While the fans of game of Thrones are waiting for the second season of its prequel House of the Dragon and the spin-off of Jon Snow (played by kit harrington), sad news arrives. After confirming the death of one of the GoT cast members in the first seasons.

Game of Thrones: Ser Ilyn Payne actor Wilko Johnson dies

wilko johnsonbest known as a member of the pub-rock band Dr. Feelgood and as the Ser Ilyn Payne character in game of ThronesHe has died at the age of 75. According to a post on his social network, Johnson died on Monday, November 21, at his home. The statement explained that they did not want to give the unfortunate news, but that they had to do it to calm down all his fans.

“This is an announcement we never wanted to make, and we do so with a very heavy heart: Wilco Johnson has passed away,” the statement read.

“Thank you for respecting the family’s privacy during this sad time. RIP Wilco Johnson,” the statement read.

John Peter Wilkinson was born on July 12, 1947 in Essex, England, but known by his stage name wilko johnson. He began his musical career by playing in local bands while attending school and university in England. After graduating in English Language and Literature, he traveled to India and then returned to Essex, where he began playing in the Pigboy Charlie Band, later renamed Dr. Feelgood.

Though wilko johnson He is best known for his prolific musical career, in recent years he has become an actor, making his screen debut in the fantasy series of HBO, game of Thrones. He appeared in the first two seasons of the series, where he played Ser Ilyn Payne, the mute knight and executioner of the realm who executes Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) at the behest of King Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson).

In January 2013, to wilko johnson she was diagnosed with advanced-stage pancreatic cancer and decided to forego chemotherapy. However, it was later revealed that her cancer was a less aggressive and more treatable form of the disease than originally thought. During an event on October 22, 2014, she announced that she was “cancer free” because she had “removed her pancreas, spleen, part of the stomach, small intestine, and colon, and restored the blood vessels associated with the liver.” “. Unfortunately, a relapse and the complications of his operations ended up passing away peacefully in his house.

Knowing that his time was limited, wilko johnson decided to do a farewell tour and record one last album called “Going Back Home” with Roger Daltrey of The Who. His remarkable solo career, which spanned four decades after the dissolution of Dr. Feelgood, led to his recognition in British rock music.

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