First mayors of Hidalgo fall for their participation in a sinister scam

Alan Jimenez/Quadratin Hidalgo

PACHUCA, Hgo, November 23, 2022.- The municipal presidents of Epazoyucan Fidel Arce Santander, of Yahualica, Elías Sanjuan Sánchez and of Huautla Felipe Juárez Ramírez, were arrested this afternoon after their alleged responsibility in the so-called sinister scam through the which would have diverted more than 500 million pesos.

According to the information through the National Registry of Detentions, the municipal president of Epazoyucan was arrested at 1:21 p.m. this Wednesday on Circuito Impulsor Street, between Santa Catarina Boulevard and the Mexico-Pachuca highway, in front of the offices of the Specialized Unit to Combat Kidnapping.

So far there has been no pronouncement by the Hidalgo Attorney General’s Office on this arrest, since the PRI mayor is being investigated for his responsibility in a network of alleged diversion of public resources called the sinister scam.

The governor of Hidalgo, Julio Menchaca, at the end of an event at the Government Palace, confirmed the information and specified that “there are no surprises, only surprises”, since from the beginning it was mentioned that there would be no impunity.

He pointed out that there are several people involved in the case and it will reach the final consequences, regardless of who it is or what party it comes from.

He added that there are more arrest warrants in process, this without clarifying how many are pending, since now that there is due process and the presumption of innocence, the mayor of Epazoyucan must defend himself before the judicial authority.

Yahualica and Huautla, too

During this afternoon, the mayors of Huautla and Yahualica, Felipe Juarez and Elías Sanjuan Sánchez, were also arrested. The first detained inside the Government Palace and the second in the stretch of road that goes from the municipality of Atlapexco to Yahualica.

Both arrests were also confirmed through the National Detention Registry, and like the Epazoyucan mayor, they are involved in the sinister scam currently being investigated by the Hidalgo State Attorney General’s Office (PGJEH).

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