Despite the fact that the Leaf is doomed, Nissan prepares a final surprise

Although it is true that in Europe has been none other than nissan Qashqai the model that has helped the Japanese brand the most in terms of sales in recent years, it is also true that the leaf can boast of having been a benchmark in its category.

A model that since the sale came out became a perfect option for those who were looking for an electric 100 × 100 with a very attractive price, very cutting-edge technology and perfect dimensions for both day-to-day use in the city and on the highway and highway.

Nissan Leaf.
Nissan Leaf.

Of course, it is not exactly that I have a secret that Nissan is going to charge this model as we know it today. Will be on 2025 when the Japanese brand is definitively charged to a nissan leaf which, surely, many will miss.

Nissan will continue betting on the name Leaf

However, they have pointed out from the manufacturer that, taking into account that the domination leaf They have done wonderfully, they have no other intention than to continue betting on it within their catalogue.

That does not mean that a new generation of nissan leaf as we know it today, but the manufacturer is going to bet to continue using this name in one of its new models from 2025.

Nissan Leaf.
Nissan Leaf.

It is already known, among other things because this has been confirmed since nissanthat the Leaf will most likely be replaced by an SUV, a body that, as the Japanese manufacturer well knows, is much more successful today on the roads of the old continent than compact ones.

Will be on 2024 when the brand presents this new model, a model that, although it is true that, no matter how many numbers it has to have a good number of sales, it will surely be very difficult to match registrations and, above all, market share , which has had and has up to now the leaf.

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