Cynthia Rodríguez impresses with a photo dressed as a bride. (PHOTO)

Cynthia Rodriguez and Carlos Rivera They have made up one of the most beloved and solid couples in the middle of the show thanks to the fact that they keep their private life away from the spotlight and are rarely seen together, this so that no one has an opinion or interferes in their relationship, something That without a doubt has worked perfectly for them.

It is time for us to get to know Cynthia Rodríguez, one of our favorite drivers, a little more.

For some time now, our dear Cynthia He has shown that he is living and enjoying the best moment of his life to the fullest next to the Tlaxcalan singer, although for that he had to move away from the small screen to enjoy his marriage.

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VIDEO: Cynthia Rodríguez makes an unexpected confession.

A few days ago, the ex-academic made a shocking revelation on social networks after conducting a question-and-answer dynamic with her fans. Rodriguez she was very loving to her fans, even after being called a partner.

Then she shared with her fans that she is very happy and in love with her husband. Carlos Rivera and revealed that she does not mind being called ma’am: “They call me ma’am, I’m a lady, God mine… I’m happy, how do you see me? I have received a lot of love, I have gone to palenques and I have received gifts, hugs and I appreciate it very much ”.

Cynthia appears wearing a wedding dress?

Cynthia Rodriguez and Carlos Rivera they got married practically in secret during their long vacation for the Old continent, so we could never see the woman from Coahuila dressed as a bride or the winner of the third generation of The academy waiting for his beloved in front of the altar.

On his return, Cynthia confirmed to our morning Come Joy that she had married her beloved: “We are very discreet, we always handle everything personally, but I had to tell my family about it here VLA. It was as it had to be, it was a great dream. We are very happy”.

However, our beloved ex-host surprised all her fans after posting on her Twitter account instagram a photograph where she appears dressed as a bride, something that without a doubt we all wanted to see, but at the time it was not possible thanks to the discretion of the couple.

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This is how Cynthia Rodríguez confirmed that she married Carlos Rivera.

In the photograph appears Cynthia wearing an incredible white wedding dress, the photograph is part of a session she did for a famous magazine, to which she gave an interview.

How did your fans react?

The comments were immediate and immediately filled their publication with messages such as: “Gorgeous”, “When I don’t think it’s possible for you to look more beautiful, you go out with this photo shoot”, “I can’t with such beauty”, “No I know, but I feel that she is pregnant, hopefully and if”, “Precious the lady of RiveraI see a very special glow in it.”

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