ARMY is jealous of Jungkook with the recent affectionate interaction he had in Qatar

jungkookMember of bts, makes jealous army with the close interaction he had with a staff member while in Qatar.

The news that has gone viral on social networks occurred after some people were with the singer and shared with him in a very personal way.

the idol of kpop who was recently in Qatar, Fulfilling the commitment to make the inauguration of the important soccer event, he was staying in a prestigious hotel completely for him, since the hotel had no lodging option for the public, so the staff that works in this place only attended the requirements of the singer.

After his successful presentation at Qatar and after the member of bts will travel to Korea again, several people published the personal meeting they had with the artist, where they were able to share with him in a very private and calm way, this being unusual.

The lucky people would be the ones in charge of ensuring that the artist could enjoy his stay at the hotel, that is, the staff in charge of the services at the hotel. In the videos, the women are seen happily sharing and talking with the artist, clearly they also had time to make videos and take several photos with him.

Therefore, as soon as the videos went viral army He shared the jealousy they felt towards women because the singer was very affectionate with them.

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