After his death, they publicly accuse Pablo Milanés of alleged harassment

On the afternoon of this past November 21, the unfortunate death of Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés was announced and although many mourn his death, controversy has erupted on social networks, after a Twitter user publicly accused the famous of alleged harassment.

Through an extensive message, María Fernanda Wray shared the experience that she would have suffered at the Milanese side more than 30 years ago, when she was still a minor and the singer visited Ecuador, the country where she is from.

“I share what I wrote. I encourage you to put it here so that it is known that the great artists, our revolutionary idols, those consistent men, from the left, can also be harassers. Pablo Milanés was 43, I was 17 ”, the communication specialist began with her story, as can be read in her description.

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Wray explained that at that time she had become very close friends with the composer and Lázaro Gómez, a renowned producer, who even served as a tourist guide and accompanied them to different places, for which she had great confidence in them. In addition, Pablo had promised her a scholarship to study film in Cuba.

That is why it was not strange to her when, one night, Lázaro called her to tell her that Milanés wanted to talk to her and he made an appointment with her at the Hotel Quito, where the singer was staying; However, upon arriving at the place, everything changed:

“Don’t you dare tell him no, don’t you dare disappoint him. Lázaro closed the door and I was left in the room alone with Pablo Milanés. I thought we would go to breakfast, but he immediately led me through the corridors to a room. He didn’t understand anything. There he was sitting, in a chair in his room. “It’s good that you came,” he told me, “he recounted.

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The user continued to say that Milanés asked her to sit next to her and later they began to talk, until the composer of “Yolanda” pounced on her to, presumably, try to kiss her: “She was clumsy. Very clumsy. She tried to kiss me. She groped me for seconds. He had no physical strength, despite being a robust man,” she added.

Although, according to his message, he refused and tried to stop the artist, he insisted and even confessed that he had fallen in love with her: “He begged me, while he tried to touch me, totally out of his mind. He told me that he was in love with me, that he wanted to take me to Cuba. I got up. He held my hands firmly. ‘You can’t go’ (he told me). I got away. I left the room. I started crying while I was going back in a taxi to my house”.

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After this unpleasant moment, Wray confessed that he got rid of all the singer’s records, stopped listening to his songs, because they caused him discomfort, although for a time he came to think that Milanés’ suffering was his fault.

María Fernanda ended by explaining that she could never put a name to what she had experienced, until the Me Too movement was born, it was then that she understood that she had been harassed: “Great artists also harass” and clarified that this will be the first and only time talk about it.

As expected, the reactions from other users began to arrive, even several fans of the singer have expressed their support: “My solidarity and I proceed to delete all undeserved tributes”, “Your music will continue to be heard. At the same time, even if we make contortions to justify it, there is no justification”, “Well, sadness for a dead person had never gone so quickly, I tell you”, are some of the comments that can be read.

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